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Month: April 2013

Weekend freedom question: precious metals

Turning away momentarily from the waving flags, the shouts of “USA! USA!,” the breathless media coverage, and the hearty cheers for police, I’d like to ask a freedom question unrelated to the renewed War on Terror. (Time for that later, when the Huzzahs! have quieted down.) Precious metals. If you’ve been watching, you know that commodities, especially gold and silver, plummeted Monday and the previous Friday. There were lots of explanations from both bulls and bears, of which this struck me as one of the best. My question: What’s your take on a) what just happened to the metals, b)…



Remembering the first battle. (H/T Jim Bovard, whose blog recently acquired a shiny new look) And fighting the battles still. The Lexington, MA, board of selectmen revoked Oath Keepers’ permit to muster on the green tomorrow, citing (groan) “public safety” in the wake of the Boston bombings. Stewart Rhodes says he’ll be there, anyhow, and David Codrea will let the world know if he needs bail money. Whatever happens tomorrow, yesterday went pretty darned well. And got some enemies of freedom really frothing. Captain John Parker: “Stand your ground. Do not fire unless fired upon. But if they mean to…


Interesting times for gun contollers — UPDATED

Well, well, well. Getting interesting for the hoplophobes today. The turncoat Gottlieb has turned coat in another direction. He’s withdrawn his support for Manchin-Toomey because, you know, those bad, bad politicians weren’t faaaaaaaiiiiir to him. They uuuuuuuuused him. Yeah. Like somebody who’s been in the lobbying biz for decades would be so very shocked at that. With Manchin-Toomey going down the tubes, the R-party has felt the need to rush in with a last-minute substitute proposal (pdf) from Chuck Grassley, Ted Cruz, et al. It’s slightly longer than the M-T botch and I haven’t read it with a magnifying glass.…


Alan Korwin on the Manchin-Toomey betrayal

Alan Korwin is something I’m very much not: an expert on gun laws and someone who actually reads the wretched bills (an act I consider akin to diving into Charles Schumer’s septic tank, but somebody has to do it).

He just sent around his take on Manchin-Toomey & I think it’s a strong analysis. That, and a link to the latest text (which I’m actually attempting to read despite not having a hazmat suit or a gas mask), after the “more” link.

Everything that follows is from Alan, not me. The short version is: Yes, as you already knew, this is national gun registration and yes, Gottlieb’s “trinkets” and “sweeteners” don’t make up for the fact that you DO NOT surrender a right in order to gain illusory, revocable, government-granted privileges.


I think the traitors are going to be hoist on their own petard

Brilliant piece from David Codrea, a man who has the special genius of being both reasonable and hardcore-passionate at the same time. That said, my right to buy and sell my property to whomever I damn well please is not his to bargain with. I do not authorize CCRKBA to negotiate deals on my behalf for that, and don’t recognize any such bargains agreed to. If the rejoinder to that is “they” might pass something “worse,” let them try. I’ll fight them every step of the way (and if just a tenth of gun owners took that position we would…



It’s beastly, cowardly, and in every way barbaric. But why did it require a response from the president of the U.S.? Not only a response, but one the news media treated as a drop-all-other-programming emergency? Is the president the leader of a country or is he our Daddy and Mommy who has to rush in to comfort us? Whoever or whatever bastards are responsible for blowing up the marathon, this appears to be a local catastrophe, not a national threat. Or … if it is a national threat requiring the immediate intervention of the POTUS … then why didn’t the…


Here. Have a woodchuck.

Bad stuff going on. The real me will be back later. In the meantime, courtesy of MamaLiberty, here’s a woodchuck. Eating an ice cream cone. More neatly than most kids. Or most adults for that matter. Source in case you can’t see the embed. Oh yeah … and HAPPY TAX DAY! Have you thanked an IRS agent lately?


Gottlieb the traitor

He’s always been … well, I’d rather not say the words. Earlier this year he was willing to sell out Washington state gun owners. He failed at that. But he’s just backed the sell-out Manchin-Toomey bill. Oh yeah, look at all the “benefits” it’s going to give gun owners. It’s like putting warm “showers” in the concentration camps. I am absolutely frosted and flabbergasted by political activists and lobbyists who don’t understand how government really works. ADDED: ‘Nother loving appreciation of Gottlieb from Rivrdog. And more. It appears Gottlieb’s not only misrepresenting both current and proposed law, but may have…