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Month: June 2015

Thursday links

More surprises from the most transparent administration in history. That DoJ gag order against Reason was even more unreasonable than it seemed. Though I gasp at his apparent belief that U.S. cops aren’t hardass enough, Kevin D. Williamson is once again perspicacious. He says we’re seeing “peak leftism.” We can surely hope so, because if the current crop of ranters and banners goes much farther, we’ll end up with full-blown fascism. Drug addiction: It isn’t what we’ve been told. (This book by the writer of that article looks like a must read: Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days…


V*te for The Zelman Partisans

Lucky Gunner has very kindly added The Zelman Partisans to its wonderful list of potential recipients of the legal fees it hopes to receive from the well-smacked Brady Bunch. Thank you, Bear, Joel, and anybody else who had the idea to contact LG. You can go here to read more and cast your v*te, hopefully for TZP. Scroll down; we’re at the bottom of the alphabetical list. It remains unknown whether the Bradys will ever actually pay up. But if they do, LG will allocate funds to each group according to the percentage of the v*te they receive. Even 1%…



The inventor of the pink plastic flamingo (yes, there was actually an inventor) has died. Our lives are tackier cheesier more kitschy weirder richer for his having lived.


Pat Toomey: lying liars lie some more

Does anybody on the anti-gun side ever tell the truth about anything??? Pat Toomey (spit!) who wants to restart his Manchin-Toomey-Schumer-Gottlieb legislation says: “The only thing that our legislation would have done is it would have said if you purchase a gun through a commercial vendor, whether it’s at a gun show or at a dealership or online, you have to go through an instantaneous background check … to determine if you have been adjudicated as mentally unfit because of a mental incapacity that makes you dangerous or if you’re a convicted criminal,” Toomey said. “And we all agree that…


Tuesday links

How will we ever survive without our precious national raisin reserve? And from the same government that confiscates farmers’ raisins, we now have the mad attempt to force rich suburbs to accommodate poor minorities. Your neighborhood is racist if it doesn’t comply. No wonder more states are quietly rebelling against the federal control of all things. Here’s one more small rebellion. (H/T L.A.) How one criminal with an obsession discovered and revealed the obnoxious, illegal Stingray program. (Yes, “they” really were “beaming rays” into his house.) “Same sex marriage, Tolerance, MYOB, Get Off My Lawn & the Constitution.” Seventeen years…



I walked to town and back. It’s six weeks today since I broke my ankle and I can hear my nurse friends yelling, “Too soon! Too soon!” But all is well.

I’m wearing a rigid clamshell brace that holds my ankle more securely side-to-side than the fracture boot did while still letting my foot flex. Last week I had a neighbor drop me in town for an experimental walk home. Though the ankle “talked” to me a bit coming up the last slope, walking was glorious.

Lord, I’ve missed this! Nothing helps me feel more healthy, sane, alive, and creative than walking.

Appears I’ll be doing a lot more of it, too. Want to or not.


Now here’s something worth v*ting for!

You might know that the Brady bunch recently lost a cynical and highly political lawsuit against Lucky Gunner and two other firearms businesses. The Bradys exploited victims of the Aurora theater shooting in a blatant attempt to put these companies out of their perfectly lawful businesses. The judge did not take this kindly. In addition to slamming the Bradys in writing, he awarded court costs to the defendants. While it remains to be seen whether the Bradys will end up paying, LG has announced that they’ll donate any funds they recoup to a Second Amendment organization. We get to decide…


Thursday links

You thought maybe the TSA was the fedgov’s worst example of idiotic “security”? Hey, at least the TSA puts on an impressive pretense. OTOH, it appears that the Office of Personnel Management actually gave root access for all those now-hacked personnel files to contractors in Argentina and … yes, here it comes: China. How Orange is the New Black misrepresents women’s federal prisons. Yes, but it’s a good show. And the memoir it’s based on is even better. More lesbian sex in the Netflix version, but the horror of petty people in power comes across even more strongly in the…