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Month: July 2015

Tuesday links

Okay, these small houses may not be “tiny” in Tumbleweed terms. But boy, I’d take any of ’em in a heartbeat. What a diaper-wetting crybaby. Using the government to ease his hurt feelings, of course. Upon his 85th birthday, Thomas Sowell looks back on the uneducated people who helped raise him above his roots. People who radically change their spending habits via radical rethinking. They’re inspiring. Entertaining. Great examples. But how come they always seem to be young urban dwellers without, you know, gigantic house remodel projects going on? Or six kids to feed? Don’t get me wrong; giving up…


Old Blue is back

The seller and I agreed on a 30% price reduction from what we’d originally established (which is also more than 30% under Kelley Blue Book) + three months of he’ll-fix-anything-that-goes-wrong. I was getting along just fine on foot and with occasional boosts from neighbors and friends, but I was aware of the many possible ways in which I might not do so fine without making serious impositions on good people. And besides … I kinda missed Ole Blue. It’s a nice little ride. Now I only hope I don’t regret this … that it lasts until the Elio comes on…


Monday morning catch-up (and a mini-review of Jackie Clay’s latest)

Been a little quiet lately, I know. Partly this is to do with the protracted deathwatch for Robbie. He’s 14 and hasn’t been in good health for a long time. His “doggie Alzheimers” gives him anxiety attacks that increasingly override his pharmacopia of meds. He’s got bad legs that look like they shouldn’t hold him up (but somehow do). Now add a hacking cough of mystery origin. But he’s still happy, hungry, and eager to go for walks. Never mind that he spends more time sniffing and peeing than actually walking. So hard to know what to do or when…


Weekend links

The future of the web looks a lot like bitcoin. Rather technical, but about the onrushing tech model more than the currency. (H/T MSJ) It just ain’t true that people have given up wanting online privacy. What’s going on is more like resignation. But resignation can lead to later resistance. Ah, those peskily persistent census workers. They’re at it again. (Via Jim B. in comments) How can someone — even if she is a politician — be such an empty vessel? Last stand of the old white male politicians. Just because it’s by Mark Steyn and he writes so well.…


Friday links

Time to do another emergency update on your flash player. (H/T MJR) A modest proposal for economically illiterate New York Times opinionists. Now that the Nazgul have (probably) ensured the future of Obamacare, even liberal media feel it’s safe to point out the obvious. It appears there may be a link between SSRI antidepressants and birth defects. But not to worry. Even though some SSRIs may more than double your baby’s chance of being born without a brain, it’s still a small risk. Even if you’re born with a brain, you’re hardly out of the woods. Childhood stress alters our…


Cats & dogs

Cats. Are they actually domesticated animals? Or are they wild? Dogs. No doubt whatsoever that they’re domesticated. Amazing that they go on putting up with us and even loving us after the things humans have been doing to them forever.


Defensive Training Group: Something a little different in preparedness training

When it comes to preparedness sites, the world is often divided into “guy sites” and “mom sites.” There are the sites that are heavy on gear and combat theorizing. Then there are sites that are heavy on family, food, and first-aid (and not the type of first aid involving highly specialized blood-clotting agents and treatments for sucking chest wounds).

I recently heard about Defensive Training Group. DTG puts the emphasis elsewhere, where I haven’t heard it before — on neighborhoods and those who might find themselves leading neighborhood protection teams when TSHTF.