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Month: August 2015

I applied for a job today

Yeah. I applied. For a job-job. You can blame furrydoc if I get it because she nudged me into this. It’s a job I’d actually love to have. I know the people. I’ve seen the work they do. It’s meaningful and varied and interesting. Though it’s part-time, it has benefits up the whazoo. Benefits. When’s the last time I had benefits? Oh, such a long, long time ago. While I was talking to the boss about what they’re looking for, another potential applicant came in. A woman I know. A woman they know, too. “I’m desperate for this job,” she…


The science of dog smells

You know, I could happily have gone the rest of my life without knowing the words “putrescine” and “cadaverine” even existed — let alone that they are among my dogs’ smell preferences. This article focuses on why wet dogs stink. But if that doesn’t turn your stomach sufficiently you can use it to read up on cadaverine food preferences. Still holding down your breakfast? You can go on to the part about why they enjoy butt sniffing. I haven’t nerved myself up for that bit yet. (UPDATE: The butt video is actually pretty amusing and informative.) And still … we…


Just life

Sometimes it’s so nice just to be. We forget that. Well, I do, anyway. This weekend was perhaps the nicest of the summer. We’ve been having glorious weather for the most part, but often way too hot. A few weeks ago, the southern Oregon coast sweated through several days of 100+ temperatures, and it got to at least 97 here. When it’s that hot it saps you, even when you’re huddled in the shady house with a ceiling fan spinning. I know you folks in the midwest and south have it worse; so no complaints, really. But this weekend was…


Monday links

What to do the next time government gives you nutrition advice. This is some pretty darned despicable advice, too. But a great attitude if you want to live comfortably in a police state. “Daddy, did you save the razorback sucker?” (What you’re not going to hear an Obama daughter (allegedly) say.) “It’s time to build the private web.” Tone’s a bit statist. Concept is right on. John Mackey of Whole Foods on why intellectuals hate free markets. Windows 10 is spyware pure and simple — even when you think you’ve turned off some of its most intrusive features. Here’s another…


Weekend links

Old-fashioned crimes committed high tech and low. Women taking tea breaks: subversive act. (H/T PT) Bovard on sugar subsidies. The real story isn’t that Facebook canceled a student’s internship when he built an app around one of their privacy vulnerabilities. The real story is how casually the herd beasts are now tracked. Funny this didn’t get more news coverage. (H/T MJR) And for your amusement: Klintonerd√§mmerung, aka behind the scenes at Chapaqua. (Tip o’ hat to BW) And watch a pair of pups grow up. That one on the left really needs a carpet to run on.



A quick drive-by for an announcement. Two announcements, really. Kurt Hofmann is no longer writing for JPFO. They now have no original writers or content for their alerts. Kurt Hofmann has now taken over my “Enemy at the Gates” column for S.W.A.T. magazine and his first article should appear later this month. If you want to conclude that these two happenings are related, feel free. Kurt is a terrific, up-and-coming gun-rights writer whose military experience makes him perfectly suited to S.W.A.T.. He does great work with great conviction. (Here’s a recent sample.) Heck of a nice guy, too. So yay,…


Midweek links

Panama was already better than many countries on guns. A smidge, anyhow. Now, in hopes of combating rising crime, they’re about to get better. Only a little better than the original smidge, but it’s something. Even the most worthless of petty bureaucrats now think they deserve to be treated and feted like Oriental pashas. Who are these people, anyhow? Once again, at least a few on the fringe are sending the message that they’ve had enough. (Tip o’ hat to jed) Yeah, now let’s see if the EPA and its employees get treated like a private corporation and its people…


Just Sunday

Mid 60s with a gentle breeze. A few horsetails of high cloud in a blazing sky. Going to be ice tea weather in a few hours. This year’s wild blackberry crop is enormous and right on schedule. The dogs and I enjoy handfuls of sweet berries on our morning walks. I’ve so far done no serious gathering as I don’t have a stove to make jam or syrup (and a hotplate is too tippy). I’ll soon head out with a bucket and grab some berries for the freezer. The dogs wait patiently for their share. They could easily gather their…