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Month: August 2015

Tuesday links

Well, here’s some provocative privacy protection. Drone Munitions. Shotshells specially aimed (pardon the pun) at ridding your backyard of those pesky camera-bearing neighborhood quadcopters. (H/T MtK) Ten more things you didn’t know were racist. How safe and how effective are those expired meds in your prep supplies? (Via SayUncle) “Brady’s Empty Suits.” Excellent piece from Dave Hardy about how the Brady Center has been able to bring so many frivolous lawsuits and how the Lucky Gunner smackdown may have finally broken them. What a cynical bunch they are! We already know that utility workers and others with access to our…


Conversation at a small-town hardware store while waiting for paint to be mixed

R. You’ve been working on this house a long time. Where do you live? Me. Across the street from C_____. ‘Bout a mile from here. R. Directly across the street? Me. No. Two doors down. R. Ohhhhhh, my great grandfather built your house! And the house farther down on the other side was my grandfather’s place. And … (goes on at some length) Me. Cool. I knew the whole road had been owned by family a long time ago, but I didn’t know it was your family. R. Yep. Your place wasn’t much more than a chicken coop when great…


Weekend links, too

This cop is a shapeshifter! And he and his cohorts are liars and manipulators. This article is nominally about millions being about to lose their Obamacare subsidies. But the most intriguing part is how many people aren’t filing their tax returns. The war on walking? Personally, I think all these busybodies who are so worried about every little thing being “cultural appropriation” should quit speaking English. After all, our language has been appropriating words from other cultures at a furious pace for thousands of years. Our culture would be considerably improved if the “appropriation” yakkers stuck to speaking pure Anglo-Saxon.…


Weekend links

Deez Nuts is polling quite well against other presidential candidates. And if this poll means anything, there’s more sanity in the country and more hope for harmony between the races than sometimes seems. I forgot until Jim Bovard reminded me: Yesterday was the 23rd anniversary of the feds beginning their killings at Ruby Ridge. Yesterday, Sammy. Today Vicki. There’s no statute of limitations on murder … For those who catch killer cops on camera: the personal aftermath. The Dow (and darned near everything else) goes dowwwwwwwwwwwwn in a way last seen in infamous 2008. And this time, what tricks do…


Friday links

Prisons and the reading matter they prohibit. $15 minimum wage: The Tony Soprano Enabling Act. Well. That’s yet another reason not to go to movie theaters. (H/T LA) Another puppycide by cop. Another example of sociopathic contempt for life, including human life. This in the City of Brotherly Love. Any maroon who’d sign up with an adultery website, handing over all manner of personal details in the process, is probably dumb enough to deserve this. And it’s yet another opportunity to snicker at that ubiquitous commercial Christian, Josh Duggar. (Less amusing is that some in their faction would prefer to…


Boris Karpa joins TZP

Somewhat of a coup. Boris Karpa has joined the bloggers at TZP. Here’s my introduction for him. And here’s his first post. He’s so much on the ball that he managed to post an hour before I got around to introducing him. Welcome, Boris!


Midweek links

🙂 Sword + righteous determination beats knife-wielding cowards. And that reminded faithful reader PT of “I’ll see your six …”. A rough, tough novelist pulls himself back from the brink of death. How well do you know Gandalf from Dumbledore? I was thinking about that while re-reading the Harry Potter books recently, so naturally I had to steal this when Wendy McElroy posted it. The 2015 Human Freedom Index from Cato, the Frasier Institute, and three other think tanks around the world. Once again, the U.S. doesn’t crack the top 10. “I Made an Untraceable Ghost Gun” by Andy Greenberg…


Over at TZP

I write about anti-gunners upping their game. Been more good stuff flowing over there. Check out Y.B. ben Avraham’s “Rumblings Below the Bible Belt” and Sheila Stokes-Begley’s “The Double-Edged Standard” if you haven’t already.