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Month: August 2015

Quitting the full-time grind

Mohit Satyanand talks about how he gave up full-time work and why he highly recommends it. One might wish he addressed the economic realities more clearly. Or at all. But he waxes lyrical about the delights of doing nothing. (I can wax lyrical on the subject of creative idleness, too. And no doubt will do so after I’ve finished the ceiling, met my next deadline, caught up on my email, and spent some time contemplating how I’m ever going to get the house foundation repaired and the plumbing replaced.)


Weekend links

Sorry. But when it comes to security, I can’t agree that this makes the Tesla any more secure than a Jeep. Nor do these systems make homes more “smart.” (The last bit, with the dog and the hot tub, was pretty good, though.) “This vet is not a threat.” Oath Keepers, three percenters, and even local sheriffs and legislators rally to prevent the VA from confiscating guns. The resistance is building. Meanwhile, the NRA would like to see more abuse of gun owners/buyers in the dubious name of “mental health.” They don’t get it, do they, what the rising tide…


Friday links

I really like this tiny house story (via Shel in comments). These folks aren’t trying to be trendy or green or holier-than-thou. They just know what it’s like to have been economically clobbered and don’t want to be vulnerable again. Cops kill an unarmed white kid and the world says ho hum. In Montana: another Oath Keepers operation to protect miners against fedgov intrusion. 😉 Kickstarter campaign raises billions to wall off the Bay Area during Burning Man. (Via A.G. in comments) Islamists hack to death a fourth non-theist blogger in Bangladesh. Boy, I’ll bet the fedgov wishes it could…


At the ceiling of madness

Yes, it’s conclusive now. I was insane to begin this project at all and plugging at it for most of two weeks has not improved my mental health. Quite the contrary. You may soon read news reports of some poor, pathetic nameless woman picked up by police after running down the street, covered in sawdust and sheetrock mud, babbling wildly about cursed beadboard and claiming to be possessed by demonically acute angles. But though it may have cost the final threads of my sanity, it’s getting close to done now. A couple more trim pieces. Lots of caulk, two coats…


Wednesday links

Seems pot may not warp teenagers’ brains or bodies after all. Now, high school on the other hand … Two good ones via Irons in the Fire: 14-year-old girl blows away a popular, agenda-driven distortion of history. And OMG, those pot-munching California cops who raided that dispensary and indulged in its product are now claiming that the video of them chowing down shouldn’t be used in the investigation — because they had an “expectation of privacy” after thinking they’d disabled all the shop’s cameras. (Pigs in more senses than one.) It’s a familiar old song around here. But with recent…


Random thoughts for a cloudy Tuesday

I’ve been working on my complicated ceiling for nine days now, along with some related projects on the walls and trim. Feels more like nine weeks. And of course, this being an old ill-built house, every step of progress reveals some new problem. I’m making only a few hours progress a day, but at least it’s getting there. Slooooowly. Why was I not born wealthy so I could sit by a pool sipping a pina colada while someone else gets paid to do this sort of thing? Oh well, when it’s done, I’ll brim with satisfaction about how I did…


Weekend links

Good one from Sheila Stokes-Begley on “smart” autos and “smart” guns. I wouldn’t normally blog the death of a pro wrestler. But Rowdy Roddy Piper, who just died, age 61, also starred in John Carpenter’s terrific, underrated, and oh-so-apt freedomista social satire, They Live. Where all the presidential candidates stand on pot legalization. Speaking of which, even D.A.R.E. (that family-destroying, lying, totally ineffective-against-drug-abuse scourge of the 1980s) has now published an op-ed in favor of legal cannabis. That CEO who raised the minimum wage at his company to $70,000 per year had some of his experienced employees quit for reasons…