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Month: December 2015

Weekend links

Father gets into a stand-off with police to prevent a hospital from taking his “brain dead” son off life support. Happened earlier this year but the follow-up is what’s making this a Christmas-season story. Pot for the homeless. (H/T jed) Also from jed: all the SF books to binge read over the holidays. (Can’t vouch for them myself ’cause I haven’t read any of them. If you’re buying, you know where to purchase them.) Dave Barry’s year in review. (I’ve lost track of the people who’ve sent this one to me; it’s definitely been making the rounds.) Jim Bovard’s Raging…


Not exactly traditional, but …

I wasn’t going to post today, but Jim Bovard tempted me with his Christmas musical finds. And those led me into the darkest depths of YouTubery. If you want more traditional carols, check out the comment thread on yesterday’s post, where Christmas helpers have been posting links to sublime stuff. Warning: what follows here may not exactly fall into the “sublime” category. Jeff Foxworthy’s “12 Redneck Days of Christmas”: Next up is “Santa Claus is Tapping Your Phone” sung by what appears to be a bunch of drunken members of the Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce: In case you can’t make…


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our house to yours. May you enjoy feasting and music, great gifts and good company. Christmas Eve is our Christmas, so Ava, Robbie, and I are signing off until the weekend. Have the greatest holiday and thank you for helping to make ours happy.


Wednesday links

Smart women shoppers have known this for years and years: if there’s a men’s and women’s version of a product, you should nearly always buy the men’s version. They’re not only cheaper; they’re often better made. Salutes to them! Brave Muslims in Kenya risk their lives to shield Christians from an Al-Shabaab attack. Laird found this and posted it in comments days before the media discovered it. Colton Harris Moore, The Barefoot Bandit, has a blog. While Clinton clones in Virginia destroy ccw reciprocity (and Nicki rants), Texas teachers increasingly go armed. (H/T LA) We knew this was coming. The…


Name that cottage

Although my house has a boring number and that gets packages and plumbers to the door, I want it to have a name. It’s a great old rural custom, even for dwellings that don’t rank up there with Pemberley. You know … “Take the lane past Rose Cottage” “Oh, Miss Smythington? She lives out at Bide-a-Wee.” I’ve been calling it Ye Olde Wreck in my BHM articles, but hopefully that name won’t apply a few years down the road. Something a little more evocative would be nice. I toyed with names last summer but couldn’t settle on anything. So maybe…


Tuesday links

SpaceX has launched — and landed — an orbital rocket at Cape Canaveral. Whoohoo! ADDED: Better link. If you’ve got friends or family who don’t think there’s anything wrong with being on a government list, or who believe the gov’s pledges of privacy or promises that missions will never creep … have them read Carl-Bear’s latest over at TZP. Real world example, right there. If those friends are against the wide dissemination of “dangerous” information, Historian says, “Ask the Jews of Warsaw.” Kaiser Permanente opens its own medical school with a focus on teamwork. I can see some positives and…


Solstice at last!

Right now, Monday, December 21st at 11:48 p.m. EST / 8:48 PST. Have some solstice lore. Last year was a warm, friendly winter in these parts (very much not the case for all of you, I know). This year, as you easterners run around in tee-shirts and sweaters, our winter has already been very, very, VERY long — even though it’s only just this moment officially begun. Good Yule to you, faithful readers! Enjoy the return of the sun.* —– *Unless you’re reading this in the southern hemisphere, in which case enjoy summer while it lasts. —– This holiday season,…

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On Golden Eras and the Now

The other day I heard somebody refer to the “golden age of television.”

I immediately leaped to the conclusion that he meant that fuzzy black and white age in which all of America watched Leave It to Beaver, Gunsmoke, and Ed Sullivan’s variety hour and gathered the next day to share their mutual cultural three-channel (if you didn’t count PBS, which was at that point some guy standing at a blackboard writing equations), pre-programmed experience.

Just as I was about to remind the speaker that his “golden age” was mere seconds in geological time from when Newton Minow created waves — and a meme — by damning all of television as “a vast wasteland,” I realized that’s not what he meant.

He meant now. This very minute.


Brief Saturday ramble

It’s near freezing outside. Thirty-five degrees. And raining. Oh darn, I wish the dogs would allow me to lie abed this morning. Any chance of that? You s’pose? —– Uh oh. The natives are getting restless. The want gov to bomb Agrabah. Jafar would be mightily displeased. And you know how Jafar gets when he’s angry. —– Ah, so that’s what you were doing! Or not doing. On Amazon. Through November and early December I was puzzled by the dearth of anything that looked like holiday buying. Then last weekend … shazam! In flooded orders for musical instruments, creative toys,…