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Month: January 2016

Friday links

Guess what the most popular work at the UN library is. A thesis on how to avoid being charged with war crimes. Not how to avoid committing war crimes. Just how to avoid punishment. (H/T jb) Several major car makers are partnering up with Linux. While this is a lot better than the recent features about those partnering with Microsoft, I generally wish they’d all stay the heck out of any automobile I ever own, except for entirely optional, turn-offable devices. (H/T MJR) Another inspiring story about the life-changing power of going debt free. Who says a porno-graphic can’t be…


Mike and more

Deadlining today. The article came together nicely over the last several days, so today I had only to polish it, choose photos, and write captions. But this was still urgent, intense work. All the while I felt terrible because I could not pause to write a worthy blog on Mike Vanderboegh’s terrible news. M. posted the link yesterday evening in comments, so thank you for that. But I needed to do more — and now that I have the time, I don’t have the words.

Mike announced his own impending death with resolution and grace. You should definitely read what he wrote. The news wasn’t surprising; Mike’s been battling cancer for years. He’s reported many, many recent bad days. And merely the thin, drawn look of him at the events he’s managed to attend in the last year said he was no longer winning the fight. He’s a believer, of course. So he has that to hold onto. I hope it sustains him.

Mike is an authentic hero not only to gun rights, but to freedom in general. Nobody will ever match or replace him.


Tuesday links

No. This is just plain wrong. And the “only ones” are going to commit even more bloody mayhem than they already do with this in their hands. This, on the other hand, is bizaarrish. And their rationale for it (in the video) is laughable. But the innovation is intriguing. According to Wikipedia, it’s been around since 1999 in Russia, but looks as if there might be a serious push for it in the U.S. this year. (H/T MJR) This morning, Obama’s fedgov took its the first step toward its long-dreaded executive action on guns. “Laughable fizzle” is my first response…


More on Oregon

The background on the “arsons” the Hammonds were accused of. And more on the vicious prosecutorial overreach. This looks very much like Ruby Ridge all over again — the liberal self-righteousness against the “armed nuts,” the prejudicial distortions in the media, and the handful of citizens standing alone against a bullying fedgov — except that (knock wood) no one yet has died. (H/T GL)


The Man in the High Castle

Moons ago, I watched the pilot episode of Amazon’s series The Man In The High Castle. It was terrific. Dark, exciting, complex, suspenseful, brave. It’s based on Philip K. Dick’s novel, in which the Japanese and Germans prevailed in WWII. Now (that is, the early 1960s) Germany controls the eastern U.S. and the Japanese control the Pacific States, with only a narrow and perilous neutral zone between them. Though most Americans seem to have accepted their overlords (and many have become dedicated Nazis), a desperate resistance emerges from the shadows. One focus of the resistance is a film, produced by…


Monday links

Uh oh. Those infamous “armed anti-government activists” are at it again. Tsk tsk, says the New York Times. ADDED: For those who have trouble with NYT links, here’s CNN’s take on the protest. In the spirit of the holidays, part I: “love” the homeless whether they want your imprisoning love or not. (H/T jc2k in comments) In the spirit of the holidays, par II: bleed you, Bill of Rights be damned. Microsoft, I do not believe you for one little teeny minute. (H/T 4 2 MJR) Nine of the most isolated towns on earth. And sometimes don’t you wish you…


Resolutions, resolve, and New Years Day

So I know from past Januaries that most Living Freedom readers (at least the most vocal ones) don’t do New Years resolutions. Maybe it’s just one of those “there are two kinds of people in the world things.” But I do do them and find them useful. The gods of the media seem to be with you non-resolving folks. You shouldn’t make resolutions because: You’ll fail to keep them and feel worse about yourself, which will just make meeting your goals that much harder. (Often true for us procrastinating writers.) You need resolve, not resolutions (a good point, actually) January…