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Month: August 2016

Okay, time to bail. Need your help.

That headline’s not as drastic as it sounds. The reality is merely that if you have a website of your own and you like your host, I hope you’ll let me know. Both this blog and the upcoming new site are (separately) hosted with a company called JustHost. It’s been fair-to-middlin’ for the blog. Bit slow. Frequent server errors. But tolerable. (I thought it was my connection at first; my apologies if you’ve been seeing the same thing.) We chose a budget plan and you gets what you pays for. Might move later. Alas, JustHost has turned out to be…


From the “Damn, I wish I’d written that!” department

Paul Rosenberg: United We Fall. Mass movements and leaders always drag us in the wrong direction. So… So, if you need a pile of bodies to knock down other bodies, unity’s your ticket. If you want a large number of people to turn off their minds and obey you, unity’s also your ticket, especially if you mix in some fear. But if you want, thinking, creative, upright, beneficial human beings, ditch unity and call for self-will. As individuals we rise. United we fall. Didn’t realize Rosenberg also has a new novel out this year. Even though it’s a collapse-of-civilization tale…


Midweek links

  • Is there a “second Snowden” at the NSA? James Bamford, who knows as much as anybody else outside the fedgov’s blackbox of spies, believes there is.
  • In any case, we’re all in the NSA’s big, happy social network, whether we want to be or not. Not to mention the increasing number of people being forced onto Microsoft’s anti-social social network.
  • In Louisiana, nimble, willing private help for flood victims went far beyond the Cajun Navy. (Interesting use of technology, too. Could make me rethink the evils of F*c*b**k. And this is a case where phone-based geolocation may have saved lives.) 8 Comments
  • There is hope

    Silver here.  Claire has been very kind to lend me her soapbox.  It is a pleasure and privilege to address her audience of freedomistas and freedom outlaws. I’ll contribute to this blog from time to time, but most of my efforts will be in the new forum.  I’ll cover money, free-market economics, business, taxation, commerce, a few other areas where I have some expertise. There was some good, fun news recently, and a number of free-market/freedomista (they are related!) web sites picked it up. The Federal reserve created a Facebook page,***** (dire warning below) and the comments are overwhelmingly negative.…


    So, you might be wondering, what’s new with the still-developing parts of this new operation?

    I just had to laugh. The fundraising thermometer (on the right sidebar, or scroll down for you on mobile) has been sitting at $6,988 for the last week, and while that’s a glorious sum when my great hope was to raise $5,500, it apparently gave one existing (and very generous) donor an itch between her shoulder blades. So she kicked in another $12, made it an even $7,000 — and order is restored to the universe. Which reminded me, it’s time for an … Update on the new site build While it’s all still happening behind the scenes, a lot’s…


    Garage sale tech coup

    I love it when I find a garage-sale find. Here’s the latest. A fancy-schmancy, new-in-box, dual-band Linksys WRT AC1200 “smart router.” Price on Amazon $133.99 (depending on the day of the week, your browser, the casting of the I-Ching, your astrological chart, and Jeff Bezos’ mood; you might find it for as little at $99.99, thanks to Amazon’s recent habit of mucking around with prices). Receipt in the shiny new box said the seller paid over $160 for it at Best Buy or somesuch place a few months back. Dunno why he never used it. It was marked $45, which…


    The usual cheery links for beginning your week

  • Just in case anybody imagined problems in the housing market got solved after 2008.
  • And in the Department of Uncommon Common Sense Department, Jim Bovard says, farmers ought to farm (but of course politicians have a lot to say about that).
  • In Chicago, a tool cops said was supposed to help people is just ending up hassling the hapless. (H/T LA) 11 Comments