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Author: Silver

A Role for Elders

This is a guest post by my friend Silver. All credit for it goes to him. — C —– In Making it Through the Next Normal Claire questioned possible roles for us old folks. One of the things we oldsters can do to help the young folks through their coming trials is to teach them that they don’t have to be high profile, high paid, high stress, famous people to have good, satisfying jobs and wonderful lives. Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame nailed this. He found that people who did those often invisible, generally dirty jobs tended to be…


There is hope

Silver here.  Claire has been very kind to lend me her soapbox.  It is a pleasure and privilege to address her audience of freedomistas and freedom outlaws. I’ll contribute to this blog from time to time, but most of my efforts will be in the new forum.  I’ll cover money, free-market economics, business, taxation, commerce, a few other areas where I have some expertise. There was some good, fun news recently, and a number of free-market/freedomista (they are related!) web sites picked it up. The Federal reserve created a Facebook page,***** (dire warning below) and the comments are overwhelmingly negative.…