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Month: November 2016

Wednesday links

  • The great Glenn Greenwald hands their asses to the media stars who attended that “secret” meeting with Trump on Monday then blabbed about how hurt they were by his attitude.
  • Borepatch on the blindness of the educated class. But really on culture. Great read. BTW, @Borepatch is now on
  • And once again Gottlieb’s denatured JPFO (and Bearing Arms) comes out in favor of anti-gun laws. 13 Comments
  • One of those days

    Brrrrr. It’s one of those days. Chilly and gray. Not raining yet (which somehow makes the cold gray colder), but we’re about to head into a week of unusually heavy precip. It’s the kind of day when even goofing off seems like too much work. The temptation to crawl back in bed with the mattress heater cranked up and a dog and a cat on either side for extra warmth is strong. Very strong. I may just go do that. After answering email. After Thanksgiving shopping. After a mid-day workout. After prepping a blog for tomorrow. Eventually. Meantime, if you’re…


    That time I almost helped the feds

    Friend of mine is currently having fed problems. So far, the representatives of the Unnamed Federal Agency are choosing to show the velvet glove rather than the iron fist. But my friend is savvy enough to know the iron fist is there and could slam down with deadly force at any time. With care, I think my friend will be okay. As we discussed this creepy fed business recently, I said (knock wood) that while many acquaintances of mine had had fed encounters over the years (which nearly never ended well), I’d never had one myself. Then I remembered. A…


    Weekend links

  • OMG. Someone’s planning a flying selfie camera. None of us will be safe from Other People’s Idiocy. (H/T MJR)
  • True, Glenn Greenwald. And very well observed. Now, if the R-party had actually have done anything about all its noble self-criticism …
  • Sigh. We’d probably still end up with a CIA director who wants Edward Snowden dead and an AG who thinks anti-gun Project Exile is the bee’s knees. 7 Comments
  • A Friday ramble

    Happy Friday, everyone. Here, for your perusal are a few nice finds and random thoughts. —– I found the above image via, which is now having an influx of libertarians, anarchists, and pro-gunners following the infamous Twitter purge. —– And here’s a polar bear patting a sled dog. This isn’t the first polar-bear-and-dog buddy image on the ‘Net. But it may be the most lovable. —– Seems everybody’s got a hopeful agenda for Donald Trump, who remains (despite media certainty that he’s Adolf Hitler reborn) quite the blank slate. Some of those hopeful agendas are worth getting behind. But…


    Thursday links

  • More on the highly instructive government-caused chaos in India. A report from a freedomista on the scene (H/T BillT in comments). And will gold importation, as well as bills, be banned? India’s economy is lurching to a standstill. There is panic, despair, and real danger of death over an arbitrary decision whose consequences any sensible person could have seen. But now, with Modi having “broken Indians’ legs,” the government is helpfully offering a crutch.
  • American life expectancy is falling as Russia’s fell after the Soviet collapse — and for similar reasons. But the fedgov will not take one of the simplest, most rational steps to ease the suffering. 9 Comments
  • A little late-day freedomista nooz

    1. The Patrick Henry Society is no more. It was lost in a tragic hosting accident (and I think its founder wasn’t all that sorry to see it go). But Kit Perez has started again with Not much there yet. But plan a return visit; knowing Kit it’ll soon be loaded with provocative and useful info. 2. There’s a new poll at The Zelman Partisans. It asks your views and plans now that Donald Trump is president-elect. And invites further comment about how (or if) you think a Trump presidency will change the nation, your state, or your local…

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    Midweek links

  • Did anybody here think the MSM really meant all those editorials about how they were going to be more politically unbiased from now on? Here’s USA Today defining the entire alt-right movement as “espousing white nationalism.” And here’s Alan Dershowitz having to point out that Steve Bannon is no anti-Semite. I’m not fond of either the alt-right or Bannon. But get real, media. Get real. Your life depends on it.
  • And they ask — they seriously ask! — “Will America Now Have a Pravda?” No, you willfully blind jackasses: America has had a Pravda and an Izvestia for many years now. 20 Comments
  • Do you want upvotes in blog comments?

    So. The idea came up yesterday of having the ability to upvote blog comments. Many times, after someone’s posted a particularly informative and well-researched comment — or a particularly pithy one — I’ve longed for the upvote button, only to be left with itchy fingers and no way of casting that vote. Turns out though, according to He Who Fakes It Well, that the upvote ability (upvotability?) is already built into one of our WordPress plugins and needs only be activated. The question is now: do you want it? If you say you do, it’s a simple matter of a…