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Month: June 2018

Just say no to vulnerability

Yesterday I was cleaning up rubble from the deck-building project and I uncovered a pair of slugs. Not unusual around here, where they’re such legends that they’ve inspired all manner of slug lore including an old parody called “Sluggie, Come Home.” But these weren’t PNW goliaths; just a couple squirmy little gray guys. I flipped the old porch over and there they were on what used to be — and what suddenly was again — the porch top, and they rose up out of the dark, moist dirt. They began to ooze sluggishly away, of course. Then they stopped. I…


Of f-bombs, betrayals, doubleplusungoodspeak, and general ruminations

It’s a hot, lazy weekend. Well, maybe not lazy; but the kind of weekend more suited to chopping blackberry canes out of the camellia bushes than to sitting at the computer. So here are a few random ruminations that have crossed my mind while I’ve been out in the yard this weekend. Doubleplusungoodspeak Tolerance = bigotry Diversity = sameness Rights = privileges provided by the many to the few Racism = people of pale persuasion believing they have rights, too Freedom = the ability to intimidate and silence opponents And we all carry around our personal telescreens to make sure…


That may have been the most alarming doctor visit I ever had

… but not for any dire reasons you might imagine. Good news: The doctor says there’s absolutely nothing wrong with me. Bad news: I’ve gradually, reluctantly, and (as of yesterday) angrily concluded there’s something seriously wrong with the doctor. Surprise: the test results looked good. But in answer to, “Then why am I having these symptoms?” her response was, in rote, rapid-fire delivery: “Maybe you just need to get more sleep, and an average woman should drink two liters of water a day, and be sure to eat three healthy meals every day with healthy snacks in between. And keep…


Not much blogitude today. Some links, though.

First it’s off to the doctor to get results of last week’s tests. Then I spend the rest of the day repaying a friend for an even bigger favor she did me last year. So I leave you with a few links and will probably have more to say tomorrow. Judge imposes a restraining order on Deerfield, IL. No draconian gun ban — for now. Outcome depends on lawsuits. (Tip o’ hat to M. in comments) Via Borepatch: Why cars with autopilot keep slamming into large stationary objects. They’re designed that way. Maybe there’s hope for a fee-for-privacy online option…