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Other people’s cool blogs

Blogging up a storm

Hey. I just noticed that BHM webmaster Oliver Del Signore has been blogging up a storm since just before Christmas. (And apparently blogging a big enough storm to dent in the top of his car.) I can’t imagine how he finds the time to say so much and say it so well, since I knew he was already working 12 hour days before he started blogging so prolifically. I confess to being the friend that he refers to in his blogs on Terry Pratchett Discworld books (there; Oliver and I now have dueling Amazon links) and the Judy Holliday movie…


Tuesday thoughts

The Michael Bellesiles saga continues. The Chronicle of Higher Education (which first printed the latest Bellesiles baloney) investigated and discovered (no surprise) that the tale of the sad student and his soldier brother is false. But it’s the student’s fault. Um … aren’t historians responsible for checking their “facts”? I mean, isn’t that what they supposedly do for a living? And that tale Bellesiles retailed to the gullible was so obviously too good to be true. It just begged for the half hour it would have required to check it. (Tip o’ hat once again to J.F.) Kudos to jellydonut…


Testing the “Internet kill switch”

If you read tech blogs — and only if you read tech blogs (or a handful of online techzines) — you already know that, on July 9, some unnamed government agency, for unnamed reasons, ordered BurstNET to take 73,000 blogs permanently offline. All were part of the same WordPress platform called Blogetery. A week later, a forum-creating service was shut down just as mysteriously. If you rely on mainstream sources for your news — or even online mainstream alternatives — you haven’t heard a peep about any of this. Why did some unnamed government agency order the death of 73,000…


A confession

… and some more miscellany. The confession The astute among you who’ve followed my links to Joel Simon’s blog, The Ultimate Answer to Kings, have noticed, shall we say, a few similarities between Joel’s life and mine. I think it’s time to reveal the secret. No, I am not Joel Simon. I have more hair and I’d look just awful in that beard, not to mention that Jayne Cobb cunning hat. But I am the neighbor Joel refers to as W. or Uncle W. — and I suspect his attempt to turn me into a person of the male persuasion…


Your advice, please

I’d like your thoughts on making this blog everything it should be. My arrangement with Backwoods Home is that I will blog once a week. On average. If I’m busy or don’t have anything to say, I can go weeks without a post and Dave Duffy won’t kick me off his website. But you might have noticed I blog a leeeeetle more often than that. 🙂 Partly, the frequent posts are to suck you all in to this blog as a daily routine. (BWAHHHAHHHAHH! she chortles evilly). But seriously, I know it can be disappointing to visit blogs that are…


A Pict Song

Still need some bucking up after Sunday’s ObamaCare disaster? Well, here’s one small reminder that even we ignored and “powerless” individuals can — and will prevail. Okay. Maybe not exactly in our most idealized way …


Three great sites

1. The Ultimate Answer to Kings. A few years back, on a forum that was in those days known as The Claire Files, I kept running into this guy. I’d be reading along in some thread. I’d think of a scintillatingly witty reposte … and before I could click to post it … this guy, Joel, would say exactly what I was thinking, only say it better and shorter. The nerve of that man, huh? He’s blogging these days, and his blog is The Ultimate Answer to Kings. When you go there, you can never be quite sure what you’ll…