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Category: Guns and Gun Rights

Of course.

Monday miscellany

How Egypt switched off the ‘Net. And how Egyptians — and hacktivists the world over — are routing around the damage. (ADDED: And here’s yet another way — thanks to engineers at Google and Twitter.) “Anonymous: A net gain for liberty.” Dmitry Orlov is interesting and the wording of the headline may be misleading. But why should anyone have to have faith in any human institution? How about confidence, suspicion, contempt, etc. based on performance? “What is a gold standard?” Interesting to see the mainstream financial media finally beginning to address the question without immediately tossing out words like “fringe,”…


Monday miscellany

The USA: Ninth freest nation on earth and proud to rank third among the “mostly free,” economically speaking. (Motto: “We take second place to none! But we take third place behind Ireland and Denmark.”) Deroy Murdock has a pretty good take on the news. (Although some of us might differ with what exactly “free trade” means. NAFTA? Gimme a break!) Via Joel. First thorough recap of “Project Gunwalker” I’ve seen. What, the ATF dirty? Causing the very problems it claims to want to solve? Nevah! You know all those new 1099 requirements in Obamacare? The ones everybody’s tearing their hair…


BUYcott to support TJIC

Excellent idea from Top of the Chain via Borepatch: a BUYcott to support Travis Corcoran, aka TJIC. Top of the Chain sez: Massachussetts has arbitrarily decided that the writer of a blog, in exercising his First Amendment right to infringe on his Second Amendment right by disarming him. Travis is going to need money for the legal bills that are sure to follow. He runs an online comic book store. There are already comic book artists that are speaking out against him. What sweet irony would it be to buy something from Travis to help him make a living, that…


“I am TJIC”

Borepatch contributes this fine graphic to the cause of Travis Corcoran, the victim of Massachusetts hysteria who lost his first and second amendment rights this week: Turns out Corcoran’s blog is the fairly well-known “Dispatches from TJICistan” (now taken down by its owner — temporarily, we can hope). Here’s Borepatch’s eloquent take on the case. The graphic is for the use of anyone who’d like to support Corcoran. And if anybody here doesn’t understand its meaning, or would just like to see one of the all-time great movie scenes (Borepatch also has the clip, but it bears endless repeating): (Tip…


Thursday miscellany

You really can’t apologize for saying something like this. Well, I guess you can apologize for anything if you’re a politician. But we who were targets of your disdain will always know you meant exactly what you said in the first place, bubba. And you know that “civility” the Dems are all in favor of? Well, not so much for themselves, you know …. Arizona gets it right. Found this while pondering quirks of human nature for one of yesterday’s posts. Turns out that old expression “You’re only as old as you feel” might have some validity. Or maybe better…


Man loses first and second amendment rights in one swell foop

The victim in question was hoping this story wouldn’t get out. And I was hoping to get more information on what Travis Corcoran actually said on his blog — not just the out-of-context quotes the media chose so carefully — before running with it. (ADDED: See comments section for a link to a screen capture of the blog page; Corcoran has taken the blog down.) But since the story is well and truly out, and since a friend of Travis’ posted in an earlier comment section, I can only second what Joel has to say. A lot of commentors on…


Wednesday miscellany

Big surprise. Kids apparently don’t learn much in their first two years of college. “Sit. Stay. Parse. Good Girl!” More on that incredibly learned border collie. (NY Times free subscription link.) Don’t you think the WSJ should have called BS on this? What a load of you know what. Oh yeah. That’s how to solve Europe’s problems: counterfeit. (And no need to point out that the Euro is already counterfeit. Don’t we all know …) More on the topic of the week. The last paragraph is freaking brilliant. Great Gary Marbut is at it again. The idea isn’t new: to…


Weekend miscellany

Hooboy. We’re never going to hear the last of this from the “guns as phallic symbols” hoplophobes. The first WikiLeaks revolution? I think the moral here is that, if the government of your country is reasonable and transparent (yeah, rare, I know), WikiLeaks can’t possibly hurt it. But if it’s already corrupt to the core (I mean more corrupt than usual) … Scanners. Detecting nothing. How come government mainstreamers only “get it” after it’s too late for them to do anything about it? The miracle of Wikipedia. Sometimes it’s just great to be reminded that freedom can work so brilliantly.…


Not within 1000 feet of the elite

You. Me. Our firearms. So “Mr. Homeland Security” proposes. Exemptions for The Only Ones, of course. Which goes along with this. Which at least has the virtue of containing the most unintentionally hilarious quote from a congressthing yet this year. ADDED: A freedomista agrees with the elite. Sez their proposals to protect their august selves from hoi palloi like us simply don’t go far enough. 🙂