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Category: Health and Science

Tuesday links

Arkancide? Something else equally sinister? Judith Miller, a former jailbird herself, sez it’s awfully hard to commit suicide while in federal detention. (Conspiracy theories have gone mainstream since Saturday!) This may not fix a broken medical system, but it’s sure a provocative step: Go to Mexico, have surgery with an American surgeon, get a nice fat bonus check from your insurance company. Red flag laws, “assault weapons,” Republican politicians, and other vermin. Eight dangerous myths about survivalism. The secret to super-long life? Not diet. Not exercise. Not genetics. Just plain old lying. Companies are borrowing money, not to invest and…


Wednesday links

[Peeks around the corner of the Internet.] Psssst — is it safe to look at the news again yet? The only word I’ve had from the outside world is from NPR. That’s been good for about 30 seconds a day, as they’ve dropped their all-immigrant-all-the-time coverage for their utmost favorite topic, all-blood-dancing-all-the-time. But I’m optimistic; I’m going to go out and check the news, assuming not every media outlet can be so narrow-minded. —– Why should you be outgunned by violent people who hate you? This Atlantic article has been around for a few years. But at moments like this…


Tuesday links

  • Private business doesn’t need more laws and regulations to deal with pollution.
  • Peter Thiel (who knows something about the CIA, being rather cozy with it), sez the CIA and FBI should investigate Google. Maybe somebody should investigate the FBI, the CIA, and pseudo-libertarian agent of the uber-state Thiel.
  • Just out yesterday: Five good habits to dramatically reduce your chances of dementia (even if you’re genetically predisposed). 5 Comments
  • Post-guest post and thinking with half a brain

    My guest departed Sunday morning after a week’s stay. He was a courteous and easy guest (who, contrary to the “fish and guests” rule, became easier as time went on). But … well, I’m a hermit. If I wasn’t born one, time and solitude have made me one — and a contented one, indeed. I’d be reveling in having homespace to myself again, were it not for a sudden second dental emergency urgency that not only hurts but may mean my summer construction plans all get swallowed by my misbehaving mouth. This is no mere cavity, but a potential major…


    Tuesday links

    The links, they keep following me … In Phoenix, it’s drawn guns, profanities, and threats over a doll shoplifted by a four-year-old. You see, this is why I love to read Jonah Goldberg even as many other freedomistas scorn him. The utterly beastly tactics of the Mueller team. (H/T JB) Yes, England has gone completely bonkers. Hey guys, Knives have edges as well as points. And there are always plenty of blunt objects around the house for the resident domestic abuser to wield. As Borepatch observes, the British government is downright childish. Kitchen knives! Oh my! One of many trans…


    Surprise Thursday links

    I seem to keep collecting them without even trying …

    Tuesday links

    A few links for a change. Some are new, a few I’ve been saving for you … So-called Modern Monetary Theory will be a Modern Monetary Disaster, as anybody beyond the pink unicorn stage of development can see. Speaking of which, the NYT reports that Venezuela’s inflation is now worse than Zimbabwe’s. They still can’t bring themselves to use the “S” word, though they admit that the “economic policies” of Chavez and Maduro may have something to do with the problem. John Wick Part III, aka Parabellum was released last Friday. Seems everybody, including Rolling Stone has high praise. Seen…


    A lite little links post for a sunny Saturday

    A historical guide to FOIA. Oil platform workers rescue a dog in a mindbendingly unbelievable place and take wonderful care of it. (H/T MtK) This dog rescue, on the other hand, evokes Stephen King. (Also H/T MtK) And since we’ve already added a creepy factor to our “lite” links, consider this: Dentistry is much less scientific than we’ve learned to think. Well, we now know the cause of Catholic priests diddling little boys and girls. The “swinging 60s” are to blame, pronounces ex-pope Benedict. And that’s not even the most bizarre of his pronouncements. Some background on unicorns — both…


    Down the Reading List Rabbit Hole

    When I went to once-a-week (or whatever it’s eventually going to be) blogging, I said I hoped my less-frequent posts would contain meaty content — but that the posts would reflect whatever the week brought, for good or ill. Recent days have brought lots of reading, sparking thoughts too formless and unorganized yet to blog. So here’s a little tale about how I plunged down the Reading List Rabbit Hole. NOTE: This piece has Amazon Associate links to the best or most eagerly awaited titles of my rabbit-hole adventure, but I’m not trying to sell you books. I’m just having…


    Just another little check-in (aka medical matters)

    I’m beginning this on Thursday, within two hours of leaving to have a tooth yanked. I’ll finish this blog on the weekend, fates willing. The appointment is late in the day, which I wouldn’t have chosen. Cause I’m a wuss and a worrywort and just want it over with. I’ve been busy blogging and doing other things all morning, but suddenly I’m out of distractions. I’m not as nervous as I expected to be. Yet. I did wake at 3:00, counting, “Twelve+ hours to go.” Hated that and knew I’d be keeping count all day. But I stayed in my…