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Category: Mind and Spirit

Spirituality, moods, feelings, and thinking free to live free.

Kind readers: Please point me toward inspiring images

I sat down to draw something yesterday and found all my art muscles rusty. Once again. Early last year I was beginning to hit my stride and determined (with a lot of help from my friends) to keep up with drawing and painting this time. But I allowed a nine-month home-improvement binge to distract me. Yesterday, with big projects done and construction chaos cleared, I determined to sit down to the art table again. When I did, though, my work was stiff and clunky and my attitude worse. So. Help me out here, if you’re inclined. Point me to some…


St. Nilus Island Skete: Could you handle that life?

I mentioned to a friend that I could do with a few days silent retreat. He came right back with a link to the St. Nilus Skete. And I said, “Um. Wow. But um. No freakin’ way!” A skete is a religious community midway between a monastery and a hermitage. Monks or nuns (nuns, in the case of St. Nilus), largely live and work solo, avoiding the communal perils of cenobitic life. But they gather for religious observances and meals to avoid the emotional and intellectual perils of pure solitude. Far as I know there are only a handful of…


From preps to porch swings

It’s funny. You guys probably came here originally for lib-anarchism, Attitude, practical talk, and good rants. Maybe you stayed for Mad DIY construction projects. But this week I’m talking to you about stuffed sheepdogs and porch swings. Are you still here? Might as well get the porch swing out of the way, then go say something Meaningful afterward. I’ve been wanting a porch swing for years. Coveting a porch swing. But I thought I’d never get one. I couldn’t justify the cost of buying new. But I had very specific requirements — all having to do with the NorthWET climate.…


John Perry Barlow, one of the saddest RIPs

And good luck to us all with such giants departing. John Perry Barlow — a lyricist for The Grateful Dead, founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and writer of one of the most soaring statements of Internet freedom left the earth yesterday. His long-ago “Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” proved to be a failed prophesy. But if it can’t make your heart sing even now, it’s possible you’ve misplaced your heart: Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, I ask…


Tuesday links

  • Biometrics for cops. After years of overtime abuse Baltimore cops will have to clock in and out with their fingerprints. (No mention of what they’re going to do about all those other abuses like planting guns and drugs. H/T MJR)
  • The Berlin Wall. It has now been down as long as it was up.
  • What was that they were saying about FEMA’s disaster response having improved since the Katrina catastrophe? Well, yeah, I guess delivering 50,000 meals out of a contracted 30 million is … something. 8 Comments