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Category: Preparedness

Tuesday links

  • Here’s a Hawaiian who had a plan in case of nuke attack. Not a great plan, but still.
  • “Am I a bad feminist?” asks Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale. Seems so because she — gasp! — believes in due process even for men.
  • Guess we should have figured that. The jihadis who tried to shoot up that “Draw Mohammed” contest in 2015 were egged on and even accompanied by an undercoverFBI agent — and apparently neither the FBI nor the DoJ warned attendees that the U.S. government was sending wannabe murderers their way. Thank heaven for armed Texans! 13 Comments
  • Checking in

    … Because I feel guilty not blogging for two days in a row even though I announced “lite” blogging into next week and have been enjoying totally mundane days. I’ve finished hanging all the drywall in and around the new bedroom. Next I begin taping, mudding, and putting up metal corner bead, starting with the darkest corner of the closet. While I won’t enjoy working in the closet, I’ll be glad to have the biggest storage area of the house completed so I can quit tripping over art supplies, chop saws, and spare space heaters. (Well, I’ll still be tripping…


    Monday links

  • Scott Greenfield has more on F*c*b**k’s plan to have its robots send cops to “help” FB users they judge to be suicidal. I hope FB and its robots get sued — and sued hard — by all those who survive such “help.”
  • A biomedical researcher makes the case that animal lovers should support experimentation on animals. (If only the critters could give consent!) (H/T ML)
  • You may be glad to know that New York City has solved its rat diversity problem. 14 Comments
  • Friday links

  • Kit Perez continues her series on the death of critical thinking in the freedom movement: Part III and Part IV.
  • Patent trolls have lost some of their malign power recently. Will the Supreme Court restore it? (This looks like one of those no-win situations from a freedomista perspective.)
  • Staggering variety of clandestine trackers found in Google Android apps. Expect similar violations in the iPhone versions of these and other apps. 7 Comments
  • 20 gallons

    … and it took me only the better part of the year. When the world’s most spectacular Christmas present — a shiny new Honda Eu200i generator — landed on my doorstep last December, I rushed right out and bought four five-gallon gas cans to feed it. I bought those, and a cover, and some spare parts with an existing generator fund started by yet another kind friend. People are so good. I filled two cans right away with non-ethanol gas treated with Sta-Bil*. The other two cans were to be filled with much more durable avgas on the recommendation of…