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Category: Preparedness

Okay, Chicken Little. But …

It would take most readers of this blog about 10 seconds to spot 10 egregious problems with this so-called news item. It’s unthinking, uncritical, hysterical newscasting at its worst. But once we’ve gotten that out of the way … However irresponsible it may be to report without fact-checking that “supermoons” and fish kills mean an earthquake is going to hit the West Coast in the next week, why not use this moment to our benefit? If we live on the West Coast we know we’re going to get an earthquake — a giant one — sometime. Some people are betting…


Thursday miscellany

Read this account of an Anonymous hacker with a full shaker of salt at hand, says C^2. It’s interesting, but you do get the feeling the author took everything in uncritically. I’ll bet every dog lover already knows this. (NY Times free subscription link.) But this display of loyalty amid disaster might still surprise — and bring a tear. (Tip o’ hat to P.T.) And from Jim B. in a recent comment section: very cool temporary shelter.

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Confronting the storm …

… common sense strikes: Ian Stewart, state disaster coordinator, said … people should gather mattresses, food, water and raincoats in that area and not move from there for any reason. He said emergency services would not be able to respond to any calls while the cyclone was passing overhead. “So people have to understand that they need to become first responders themselves to ensure the safety of their family, themselves and their neighbours,” he said. Cyclone Yasi, with winds up to 300 kph:


Good neighbor/bad neighbor and Emergency preps, cont’d.

It’s weird living in a neighborhood for the first time in so many years. In the desert, the nearest neighbor was at least 1/2 mile away. But you knew everybody in a five-mile radius. When I lived in Cabin Sweet Cabin, there were no neighbors in sight, yet I knew everybody who lived on my road. Here? Although I’ve spotted my next-door neighbor twice in three months, I wouldn’t know her if I ran into her off the block (and I have reasons not to want to know her). I’ve exchanged hellos and compared notes with a couple of dog…


Tuesday miscellany

Well, golly. Maybe this explains why Ben Bernanke’s economic concepts are so … um, oversimplified. Upcoming: This Friday is (once again) National Ammo Day. Maybe you could buy yourself a box of Glasers or other frangibles. You know. Just in case the airline doesn’t supply them. Good question: If you owe uncomfortable amounts of money, should you pay off debt first? Or should you set aside a fund to tide you over in case of emergencies before getting aggressive about your debts? Sierra Black of Get Rich Slowly has her thoughts. Bovard on the biggest threat to freedom. Wow. these…


Bug-out or bug-in bag

Here’s a question for your weekend cogitation. Actually, here’s two. No, make it three: 1. What are some key differences in items you’d put in a bug-out bag and a bug-in bag? 2. Given your location and circumstances, how do you decide whether you’re more likely to need to bug out or bug in? 3. Assuming you conclude that you’re more likely to have to bug in than bug out, is a special bag for the purpose even necessary? I mean, after all, if you’re bugging-in can you presume you’ll already have everything you need right at hand in your…