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Category: Stupid security

Freedom in the 50 States

Cato has released its 2018 rankings of freedom in the 50 states, compiled by William Ruger and Jason Sorens of the Free State Project. Yep, these ranks are subjective — and Cato recognizes that by allowing users to customize their own rankings by what they consider important. (Gun rights forever! Down with civil asset forfeiture!) And rightly so. Just glancing at the map is mindboggling. Wyoming next to and below Washington and Minnesota in freedoms? Seems unlikely — until you start playing around with the factors. Quite interesting. You could spend hours with the interactive map and customized rankings. Thank…


A Sunday ramble

Dog and book days I was deadlining late this week, aiming to get an almost-complete version of the “basics of resistance” book (co-authored with Kit Perez) to reality-checkers. Ava did not approve of all this focus-not-on-her. The beloved little diva was driving me nutz. So even though March is supposed to be my frugalista month, off Ava went to Furrydoc’s Dogotel. I hit my self-imposed deadline a day early. The timeout was glorious — except on the day it rained and I kept thinking, “Oh, I’d better bring Ava in from outside.” Then I’d remember. I’m dogless. —– One of…


Thursday links

  • Of course it was a complete accident that Google “disappeared” Protonmail from its search results for months. How could anyone think otherwise?
  • It’s happened as we knew it must: a state has ordered medical cannabis users to turn in their guns. (Via Myself in comments)
  • Six things you learn after shooting a cop in self defense. (Yeah, you already knew; it’s the mainstreamness and millennialness of this source that’s interesting.) 55 Comments
  • Tuesday links

    Ten-year-old unlocks his mom’s iPhoneX by facial recognition — without even trying. Hahaha. From Reason: Detroit cops posing as drug dealers get into a brawl with Detroit cops posing as drug buyers. It’s here as we predicted: the first drug with ingestion tracking. Also from Reason, J.D. Tuccille asks whether it’s occurred to anyone that tighter gun laws with stricter enforcement are likely to leave libertarians as the best armed people around. (But wait; aren’t we already?) Locating lost cities of the ancient world by analyzing records of their commerce. South African TV refuses to air an “authentic” miracle. (NSFW)…