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Your latest opportunity to be a criminal!

Got any relatives in the U.S. Air Force? Any at all? Not necessarily a son or a brother or a daughter or anybody that close. But how about your third cousin twice removed? Your uncle by marriage? The brother-in-law of your sister’s estranged husband? And have you read any of the information disclosed in the WikiLeaked cables? (Confess it; you know you have.) Then congratulations! YOU may be our Federal Felon of the Day!


Monday miscellany

Why you should always pay your website designer. George W. Bush cancels speaking engagement in Switzerland. If he’d gone he might have been arrested for war crimes. Speaking of which, I was poking around Wikipedia the other day and learned that the top U.S. representative at the Bretton Woods Conference (and with John Maynard Keynes one of the two most influential figures in the monetary agreement forged there) was a Soviet agent. Sheesh. I really do try not to fall into conspiracy theories. But that’s just strange. A lot of what this man did is just strange. Very smart, Mubarak.…


The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen

The Honor Code: How Moral Revolutions Happen. A friend recommended this book by philosopher and cultural theorist Kwame Anthony Appiah. Here’s the book’s home page with links to interviews with the author. And here my Amazon link to the book. Appiah is no libertarian purist (and may be no libertarian at all), but he makes a case about moral and social change that probably rings true with a lot of us. If a practice is widespread, generally accepted, but becomes objectionable (foot-binding in China, dueling in Europe, female genital mutilation or honor killings in Muslim countries, etc.), governments may fail…


Free horse poop!

… courtesy of a local Freecycler. And her horse, of course. Not to mention several hours of shoveling and hauling and borrowing of trucks. AND it came with an invitation to come back any time for more. The neglected soil next to my garage will appreciate that. The truck belongs to a cop from a nearby town and was acquired for this job by My Friend the Cop’s Mom, who shared in the bounty. On the way from my house to hers, a different cop pulled us over for — of all things — a faded license plate. First words…


Robert Fawcett: dog murderer

The man who slaughtered the 100 sled dogs in Whistler, BC, has finally been named. He is Robert Fawcett. And he apparently decided on his own initiative to shoot and slice the dogs to death. Okay, there went that one, infinitesimal smidge of sympathy I felt for him …


The elite and the fall

Charles Hugh Smith created this chart way back when to show the vast complex dedicated to preserving the status quo and offers this related comment now: There is a peculiar divide between the conventional and unconventional perception of the resilience/vulnerability of the Status Quo. The conventional view sees the Status Quo as stable and powerful enough to weather any threat or storm short of a full-scale thermonuclear war (i.e. an exchange of 1,000+ nuclear warheads) or climate catastrophe (meltdown of the Antarctic ice cap, etc.). The unconventional view is that the Status Quo is increasingly vulnerable to a “Black Swan”…


Thursday afternoon miscellany

I don’t know whether the cops shot this guy in the back or in some other portion of his anatomy. But this is one case where most of us would agree they did the needed thing. America’s cutest dog? Hey, that’s a matter of opinion. But he’s certainly the most philanthropic. “We do not trust a government that sends thugs to kill us.” Death by GPS. It just keeps on keeping on. This didn’t kill anybody, but I think I’ve mentioned before that every GPS in the world shows my old Cabin Sweet Cabin as being three miles from where…


Wednesday afternoon miscellany

Seen — or rather not seen — conducting routine traffic stops in Houston. What Cyclone Yasi would look like if it were over the U.S.. What odd timing that a storm that big actually is over the U.S. right now. But even folks in Chicago or Tulsa’s ice and snow should be grateful they’re not getting Yasi. Per Jackie Juntti in a recent comments section: The MSM finally starts covering Project Gunwalker — feebly, of course — and Mike Vanderboegh sticks it to ’em again and again. Some good dog news. A Labrador retriever can apparently be just about as…


Confronting the storm …

… common sense strikes: Ian Stewart, state disaster coordinator, said … people should gather mattresses, food, water and raincoats in that area and not move from there for any reason. He said emergency services would not be able to respond to any calls while the cyclone was passing overhead. “So people have to understand that they need to become first responders themselves to ensure the safety of their family, themselves and their neighbours,” he said. Cyclone Yasi, with winds up to 300 kph: