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Living Freedom Posts

Beginnings of creative disregard

Long time back, I proposed that “creative disregard” was more important (and better for personal happiness) than “civil disobedience.” Civil disobedience can be a powerful political tool. But its inherent flaw is that it assumes that government is both necessary and potentially good. Civil disobedience merely aims to change certain actions or forms of government. Creative disregard, on the other hand, gives government a big “ho hum” (or in some cases, a big “eff off”). Creative disregard says, “I’m going to live as I please among fellow peaceable human beings.” It acknowledges government (if at all) as a potential nuisance…


Thursday miscellany

You know you have waaaaay too much government at every level when you repeatedly read stories like this one. And remember those no-down, 1-percent interest mortgages I goggled about a couple of weeks ago? Well, the USDA isn’t the only government outfit that has a darned weird idea of how mortgages should be handled in the post-bubble world. Sheesh! Via Project Vigilant. Do you get the feeling that the patriotic rhetoric — and the allegedly private financing — are just a smoke-screen? Via Joel and a whole lot of other places as the news spreads: Such a surprise! The…


From the “It’s a small world” department

Big thanks to everybody who posted their experiences and observations on pellet stoves. Good links, too. That was helpful & informative — and very nice to see so many new people commenting. Also thanks to everybody who congratulated me on the new house and wished me (and it) well. I almost had to post to say the well wishes were premature. Just when it looked as if things were going really great, I got the first roofing bid. … After the dogs administered some quick CPR, I took a deep breath and hoped the bid for my roof work had…


Tell me about pellet stoves

Erm .. I’m thinking we may have more than usual of very practical type posts in the next few weeks as I get ready to move to my new home. And yes, it’s looking more and more as if it will be my home. WhooHoo! The inspector came today, and what a pro. He poked and prodded the place for 3-1/2 hours, and while I probably won’t have his report until tomorrow, my friend Leslie (she who found the place) stayed with him the entire time and gave me updates by phone. I think I’m starting to owe Leslie more…


Dieter Dengler, champion survivalist

You’ve probably heard of Dieter Dengler, the subject of two Werner Herzog films, the documentary Little Dieter Needs to Fly and the Christian Bale-starring drama, Rescue Dawn. Investors Business Daily (of all places) has a brief bio that reveals how Dengler’s incredible feats (he escaped from a POW camp in Laos and survived 23 days in a hostile jungle while suffering a host of debilitating diseases) can be traced to skills and personality traits he developed early in childhood. Talk about the things you learn at your mother’s knee …


Battle of Athens, Tennessee

This is the 64th anniversary of the Battle of Athens, Tennessee — when a group of returned WWII servicemen took their county back from a corrupt government by means of force. Links: Battle of Athens at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership At (almost identical to the above) On Wikipedia


Staggering into Monday

Sunday night as I write this. I’m sitting amid the rubble of a whole weekend spent doing illustration. Pencils. Colored pencils. Scissors. Kneaded erasers. Tortillons. Paints. Odorless paint thinner. Markers. Tissue paper. Illustration board. Reference photos. As I say, rubble. And all this is strewn across the standard rubble that quickly takes over life when you live in a fifth-wheel and have to work, eat, and Web surf at the same tiny table. It’s so bad at the moment that when my fellow hermit Joel came over for dinner earlier he not only had to cook it himself — outside…


First Friday comment forum (giving it a try, anyhow)

Things are moving along like crazy on my new house! Contracts are signed. The home inspector is lined up for Monday. Roofers should be trooping by and giving estimates any day now. By Tuesday I expect to know whether it’s a go. In any case, I’ll be packing and very shortly heading off on a cross-country trip. The very same Leslie who found the house and is handling most of the chaos also found me a Plan B — a super dog-friendly rental I can take if the sale falls through. So no matter what happens, I’m out of here…


A vague ramble down the path of en-light-en-ment

(I’m not sure what all this means. But it seemed like a good idea when I wrote it.) For the first time in a sad number of years, I opened the email file I labeled “RebelFire Futurestuff” and read. I’ve longed to go back and further the tale of Jeremy, Cedra, Rey, and the band RebelFire. I had (and to my surprise still have) notes for a sequel and at least one more. Unusual. Plotting is my weak point and I’m not good at thinking ahead. I also had links to articles on privacy and technology, philosophical concepts, etc. —…