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“We’re going to make this much more difficult for you if you don’t cooperate.”

Maybe you remember seeing the strange query and the photo via The story of the California student who found a tracking device on his vehicle. Well, faithful blog reader Sam just found the follow-up. The FBI fetched back their device and, even though the young man was reportedly completely cooperative already, an agent told him, “We’re going to make this much more difficult for you if you don’t cooperate.” I know that any empathetic person, especially one who’s been observing the onward march of the jackbooterie, can imagine how it feels to be on the receiving end of those…


Ha ha ha ha ha

A federal judge rules that it is constitutional for Our Glorious Leaders to force us all to buy health insurance. Ain’t freedom grand? And guess which clause of the Big Con justifies it. Just have yourself one tiny little guess. It won’t take long. Yeah, I know. This won’t be the last decision on the matter. And you can call it tyranny all you like (and you’ll be right). But it’s getting downright funny, the many ways in which that old Constitution can be folded, spindled, and multilated. The logic, if you can call it that, is hysterical. Actually, it…


The deal on books

Well, guys … here’s the deal on upcoming books. I mentioned that the Duffys discovered a layout error on Hardyville Tales. Throughout this entire printing of the book (3,000 copies), the text runs farther than it should into the gutter. (And I mean that in the printer’s sense of “gutter,” meaning the center of the book; no, I haven’t taken Hardyville into the metaphoric dregs.) The tales are still quite readable (I’ve got an advance copy and I’m having a good time with it). You just have to hold the book a bit wider open than usual, and your hands…


What’s wrong with banking?

I’ve got a question to open up for comments. It feels like a dumb question — even a prejudiced one. But I have to ask it. Is there something about banking that’s inherently immoral or corrupting? I know bankers (“usurers”) have been hated throughout history. But I always figured that was mainly sour grapes and jealousy of anyone who has or controls money. It’s always seemed to me that bankers provide a needed service and one worth paying for. It also seems that banking, as a profession, is one that ought to inspire the greatest trust and trustworthiness. Granted, it…


Unreliable people

Been in my new house six or seven weeks now. The days rush by in a whirl of work — the kind I do and get paid for, the kind I do and don’t get paid for (except in satisfaction and sweat equity) and the kind of work I have to pay other people to do. Can you guess that the latter is outstripping the former right now? Ouch. Still, nothing to be done about it. I’m at that stage of things where I have to pay contractors to do some fairly heavy lifting. Some jobs I simply can’t do…


Goop mystery: the solution

On yesterday’s mystery goop,, here (and you’re not gonna like it) is the solution. Thank you guys who knew and either refrained from answering or merely dropped sly hints. FWIW, my guesses would have been of the taffy/soft-serve strawberry ice cream sort, along with a lot of you. Or perhaps I’d have guessed it was a joke — something designed to look as if it came out of Barney the purple dinosaur’s rear end — which, come to think of it, isn’t that far from the reality of the stuff. Eeeeew.


Mystery goop

Okay, let’s have some guesses. What do you think it is? And if you’ve seen this photo before and know what it is, please refrain from revealing the truth. Be more entertaining to hear first what folks think it might be.


Monday miscellany

I don’t usually go around wondering, “What would Ayn Rand think …?” But that notion stayed with me the whole time I was reading this odd property-rights story. Wonder what Ayn Rand would’ve thought of this guy — “the buzzard of the backcountry”? Paul Rosenberg continues his series on basic computer privacy with “What is PGP and why you need to know.” It’s too bad so many people find email encryption so daunting. With the feds seeking backdoors for all encryption that’s done by third-party providers, having our own encryption could become even more crucial in the not-too-distant future. Don’t…


Good book news; bad book news

I have some good book news and some bad book news. Bad news first: After all the months of waiting, Backwoods Home received two advance copies of Hardyville Tales this week. Uh oh. Something went wrong in the layout that makes the books difficult to read. The Duffys are considering various options. The book will find its way into all our hands. But there could be further delay. 🙁 But … the good news: Carl Bussjaeger, a long-time, hard-working friend of liberty who wrote the SF novel Net Assets has put the sequel online. You can satisfy your good-book jones…