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Month: July 2013

Weekend links

“Stop, Drop, and Cower.” The official DHS guide to safe interactions with government agents. 😉 (H/T David Codrea) Rockin’ Gramma. Yet another (particularly egregious) act of fedgov terrorism and thuggery. Under what authority is Eric Holder ordering Sanford, Florida, police to keep holding Zimmerman’s gun? I already dropped this link into comments, but for you who don’t follow the Commentariat, here’s Justin Raimondo’s excellent piece “Is America a Free Country?” StartPage and IXquick offer an advance in search encryption. Via Borepatch:


“America has no functioning democracy”

Wow. I never thought I’d agree with Jimmy Carter about much of anything, let alone agree with him twice in one week. But if he actually said, “America has no functioning democracy at this moment” (referring to revelations of omni-snooping), then we are totally on the same radical track. The U.S. media didn’t cover the event where he made reportedly made the remark. But Der Spiegel, a decently reliable source, did. Think on it. A respected* former president of the U.S., a man of the party now in power, observes that his country is no longer of, by, and for…


Things you should probably not say when you’re a contractor hoping to get lots more work from a woman

So I have some heavy-duty under-the-house work that needs doing. And no Big Bux. Ah, but I do have a 9mm Ruger and a contractor interested in trading for it. So I’m showing him the gun. “I like it,” sez he. “It’s a good gun,” sez I. “I just don’t enjoy shooting 9 mil.” “Well of course,” sez he, working the action, dropping the mag, and thrusting foot firmly into mouth at the same time. “It’s not a good lady’s gun.” —– He’s getting the job anyhow. He’s good and he shows up. And I’m past the point of getting…


Thursday links

The U.S. government killed his grandson. “Shouldn’t it at least have to explain why?” Beyond heartbreaking. Hey, but Joe Biden says it’s what you should do! This list of 78 skills everybody should have has been making the rounds of the gun blogs. Just reading it is exhausting. Fight racism by beating up white people. Yeah, now that makes sense. (And what’s with that opening paragraph, BTW? Where’s the evidence that “both sides” have gotten violent in the wake of the Zimmerman verdict?) Oh goodie. You can get early parole from Purgatory by following His Popeness on social media. Seriously,…


Life in the time of “doubling down”

… and why, although it fills us with frustrated outrage, it’s a time of hope. Oathkeeper Stewart Rhodes nails it. Absolutely nails it. He starts out talking about Adam Kokesh. But then … The more illegitimate and absurd the arbitrary rule of Leviathan, the more it violates our natural rights, the more it has to make examples out of anyone who dares to openly defy it by means of civil disobedience or nullification. You can, and should, expect more of this, and more severe examples. … There is now a large, and growing portion of the American people who correctly…



I’ve been struggling several days to find the right way to say something. Still haven’t gotten there. It would help to be drunk or stoned, I think. Words flow more freely then; connections connect more connectedly. But I’m as sober as a judge I usually am, which is a handicap. Partly, it’s that the thing I’m aiming to say is both huge and … nothing. Both burning with enormity and outrage … and a great big ho-hum. It would shock the bejabbers out of Joe Average (if Joe Average were willing to consider it), but most people reading this blog…


MrColionNoir and racists

MrColionNoir has been added to the blogroll’s Self-Defense Rights section this morning. ‘Course, as he says, it’s not only about self defense: Source for those who can’t see the embed. —– An aside (and a question). MrColionNoir recently teamed up with the NRA for a series of videos. This has led some on the other side to get sniffy abut the NRA’s alleged history of racism. This cry of “racist!” and “pandering!” is being made mostly by people who identify as Democrats. So my question is, how can they be so upset over NRA racism — while turning a blind…


Thursday links

App to “geolocate dangerous guns and owners.” The reviews are the best part. Grate boocks four somer reeding. You know, I don’t usually write about golf. In fact, I doubt I’ve ever written about golf even once in my entire life. But oh wow, the Bubba Watson hovercraft golf cart is COOL! There are a lot of outrageous things about secret gummint spying. One of them is that we’re paying for what’s being done to us. Just in case you’re getting closer to being driven offshore. (H/T Sandy Sandfort, who’s as offshore as it gets.) The most stupifyingly boring video…


Kokesh SWATted

Closed streets and helicopters. The whole military routine. All over a video. I know Kokesh courts trouble. But this is ridiculous. And coming on the heels of the latest TJIC mess, my Inner Paranoid wonders if there’s some concerted effort going on. (H/T MWD) The Adam vs the Man news release.