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Month: July 2013

Midweek links

Time to train cops not to shoot dogs. Ya think? (But if they quit killing our pets, how will the cowards control us??? Oh yeah, that’s right. By SWATting our poker games and busting our kids’ lemonade stands.) Nostalgia has never been my thing. Those “good old days”? They weren’t really so good. Turns out, though, that nostalgia’s actually good for you. Awwwwww. Blind couple fall in love after their guide dogs do. It’s a crappy law and just more permit pushing. But both houses of the Illinois legislature hugely overrode Gov. Pat Quinn’s weird attempt to use his veto…


Small update on TJIC

Not much of an update, but at least a little comforting news. I’ve heard from Travis Corcoran (TJIC). Hasn’t been much news since the July 4th raid that Tam told the world about. I’m now able to say (and I quote), “I talked to him, he’s OK and moving to the Free State Project.” And that’s the truth. The full story is of course way more complicated than that, but it’s not being told on the advice of lawyers. Bottom line is that TJIC and Jenny have hope of eventually removing themselves from the evil clutches of Massachusetts cops. If…


The Law in Hardyville

Just because. It came up in comments the other day and it’s always been a favorite of mine among Hardyville columns. This was a collaboration between ex-Significant Sweetie Charles Curley and me, concocted during some interminable car trip across Wyoming. (All car trips across Wyoming are interminable, which is one reason I’m not there any more.) I love the “credit” Charles gave himself at the end. Besides, it’s just a Good Idea.


Sunday links

And here we thought that at least one amendment was still safe from gummint over-reach and thuggery. Sigh. Not so for one abused family in Nevada. Hey, lookee here. Yet another group has sprung up, pretending to be pro-gun but, you know, responsible (unlike the rest of us). This is at least the third in the last 20 years that’s used pro-gun cover to promote the full anti line. Bitter does a magnificent fisking, right down to uncovering their Obama affiliations. (Via Joel) So, you remember those “unsecured” guns the Mounties had to confiscate steal loot protect in a flooded…


Weekend freedom question: Egypt

Source. Via Wendy. Comments at the source are well worth reading. I usually don’t ask political questions. But signs are that this “interesting” week in Egypt will have repercussions that are long-term, widespread, and personal. So … Was it a coup, a revolution — or simply a restoration of the revolution that began in Tahrir Square in the Arab Spring? What will the repercussions be — for U.S. policy, for Obama, and for freedom anywhere? The U.S. government has a history of “backing the wrong horse.” Nothing new there. But the potential consequences seem unusually large this time.


Independent additions

* Obama wants to posthumously hang Paul Revere for spying. 🙂 (H/T Chris from comments) ** Looks as if these hopeful Canadian filmmakers aren’t going to make their modest goal. Only 15 hours left as I write this. Too bad. A mention over at LRC could probably have put them over the top in an hour. (H/T Wendy) *** 15 photos from the Egyptian protests that you’ll never see in “vintage media.” Wow. These people get it! **** Best comment yet on Big O’s embarrassing and probably illegal delay of the employer mandate for Obamacare. ***** ADDED courtesy of Beth…


What governments are for:An Independence Day peregrination

It’s funny how even before reaching the current heights of government supremacy, we were all taught that government is virtually a holy thing. Even the fabled Founders, who had every reason to be skeptical of coercive power and who gave us words to transform the world, clearly thought they were undertaking a sacred task when they sat down to write the documents directing the new country. Though some of them weren’t religious in any sense and a majority were quite specific about keeping government and religion away from each other, they spoke of God a lot, as if he were…


Silver Circle now online

I’ve been wanting to see the anti-fed adventure movie Silver Circle since I first heard of it. The trailers looked pretty cool. The USA is rocked by utter economic and currency collapse. A group of rebels fight back against the Federal Reserve, provoking an investigation that winds through action, romance, and conspiracy to reveal the true root of corruption. Wow yeah. That sounds awesome. Alas, the producers declined to make a copy available for this potential reviewer (pooh!). Or anybody for a long, long time. First it seemed there were years of delays in completing the thing (hey, that’s Hollywood).…


“See the happy moron …”

(A rant that I fear doesn’t show my most likeable side.) Sigh. Happened again. I got caught in a long, jaw-grinding, blood-pressure raising trap with a person who has zero sense of responsibility. I’ve written before about my disgust for people who make commitments they then make no effort to keep — a problem that seems endemic among independent contractors. In fact, I even wrote about this particular person recently before I knew he was one of them. Turns out he’s one of the world champs of irresponsibility. After too many bitter experiences, I made a general rule that the…