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Month: February 2016

Crazy week, but time to tie up loose ends

It’s been a crazy week for sure. So much going on (mostly thanks to the unusual coverage and chaos surrounding Nicki’s TZP post on Ted Nugent and David Codrea’s Ammoland writeup on that) it’s hard to believe the week’s only halfway through. Also got the big cannabis article (plus three sidebars and 13 photos with captions) turned in today. Whew. But no time to breathe a sigh of relief. The crazy continues. And in between bouts of crazy, I’m trying to finish the drywall mudding in the bathroom. Besides all that … if you recall, I’m losing my home Internet…


David Codrea talks Nugent and Nicki

In his own inimitable style. (Which is more refined, but no less hardcore than Nicki’s. They both have excellent BS detectors.) David’s Ammoland column is picked up on the Google newsfeed and has been at the top of the feed since it was published. That’s a pretty big deal. Activity, including comments, will help keep it there. So if you’ve got something to say about this fooraw, feel free to say it at Ammoland.


Tuesday links

In case Donald Trump wins, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, will roll out the red carpet to Americans. No word on where we’ll go if anybody else wins, but to hell in a handbasket seems a likely option. (H/T MJR) “Nino at the Bridge.” Quote: You know your country has big trouble when the death of one man tosses your political reckonings, your expectations, your fundamental understandings into the briar patch … (Yes, the author’s a bit more enamored of the Constitution that you probably are, but Scalia was a good man.) Borepatch: Don’t buy a Samsung smart TV. I think…


The heartbreak of socialism

It ain’t only about empty shelves and soaring prices. A friend who lives in an undisclosed location in Latin America writes: I have been doing online dating for about 2 months now on a site directed at Latin American singles. I get a lot of messages from women in Venezuela saying things like “I don’t care that you are more than twice my age, get me out of here.” Seriously I get explicit offers from young women my daughter’s age. Heart breaking, but that is f**king socialism. … Their situation is very sad. You have middle class families that have…


Nicki talks with The Nuge

On behalf of The Zelman Partisans, Nicki talks with Ted Nugent. Is he really anti-Semitic? Seems most in the MSM and even in other gun-rights groups (JPFO, we’re talking to you) were quick to condemn, slow to … you know, ask the man. Then there’s a poll, too. But read what Nicki and The Nuge have to say first. ADDED: Nicki also posts on her own blog about her conversations with Nugent. A little more color and detail there.


Monday links

Meet Twitter’s new thought police. Incredible (but not surprising in this anti-free speech day) that a company that lives or dies on the quality of its public forum of ideas would do this. Your brain: it may work better in winter. Now my brain, on the other hand … Bernie-ites! You want socialism? Here’s socialism. “Media Matters Not.” The big “progressive watchdog” goes after the little old Zelman Partisans, distorting all the way. Bear Bussjaeger says thanks. Narcissism. And speaking of which: Hillary. (This is actually pretty funny.) The Robin Hood of science is pulling scientific papers from behind paywalls…


A small “situation”

I’ll tell you right off that nothing dramatic happened. But it was interesting. I’ve been working my way up to making my quarterly stop at the town liquor store. Today was the day for me to buy my Bloody Mary vodka. But as I pulled up at the curb in Old Blue, a black-clad, hooded young man wearing a backpack stepped inside the shop. Something about him caused my hackles to rise. I nearly drove off. Then I thought about Deana (not her real name), who owns the pocket-sized liquor store. A young woman in there all alone. I got…


Saturday links

The deeper story on those undemocratic superdelegates supporting Hillary. And the background on how superdelegates came to be. Electorally, the big question is will the dogs eat it? (Given that dogs will eat both vomit and sh*t, maybe they will.) OTOH, the backlash has begun. Michelle Alexander writes in The Nation that Clinton doesn’t deserve the black vote that the media considers so inevitable for her. The new frontier of negative interest rates. You know, if I didn’t realize this stuff is for real, I’d think articles like this one were parodies. Or bizarre fantasies. Oh, the weird world of…


End O’ week links

Millennials don’t yet realize how fully the political system is rigged. (H/T Shel and jed in comments) Pop-Up House.. Low cost, quick build, pretty cool. But why when they tout these things do they always act as if plumbing, electrical work, and site prep don’t exist? “Are Pets Really Good for Us?” Heck, yeah! … as long as we don’t trip over them or become social outcasts. Well, this is depressing. Fear of punishment from a vengeful god turns out to produce social good. Not surprising, really. That’s probably why vengeful gods were invented (by those who wanted to define…