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Month: June 2016

Desperate midweek tab clearing and information dump

Brad R. dropped this in comments, but it’s too good to remain hidden. Leave it to gunblogger Erin Palette to come up with this plan — free firearms training from gunnies to members of the LGBT and beyond community. Good on you, Erin. And good on you, Nicki Kenyon, for inspiring this! Is it a crime to be poor? Increasingly, yes. OTOH, Ralph Benko says the gold standard will restore upward mobility. Donald Trump says you should go to prison if you fail to turn your “suspicious” neighbors in to the cops. And now he’s joining the crowd of both…


A little good news

Because the MSM (and of course most of the gunblogosphere) is currently “all murder, all the time,” I thought a bit of good news was in order (courtesy of MJR). Seems recently the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife “requested” access to a creekside property to survey for some frog you’ve never heard of. The homeowners said yes. That is, they said yes … BUT. I think their response will cheer you. —– (And if you need a laugh booster shot later in the day, come back to the blog after noon. Got another funny queued up for you.)


Creepy little jihadi mass-murders gays while media aims at innocent gun owners

I hadn’t heard the news when I posted earlier. Fifty killed and 53 wounded last night at a gay nightclub in Orlando. I probably wouldn’t have let that links post go live if I’d known, but there it is. The NYT, in an article I won’t link to, tried to spin the slaughter as some “confluence” of terrorism and a strictly American phenomenon of mass shootings. (Has the NYT not read any news from Europe or Africa the last few years?) But even the Times, in an article loaded with scary gun photos, admits that mass murderers usually pass background…


Sunday-Monday links

Yet another way cynical, opportunistic cops (and governments in general) quash our desires to be kind to our fellow man. Foul parasites. And apparently Canadian sneaks are no better than U.S. sneaks. (H/T JB) Ohhhhh gawwwwwwd. Not agaiiiiiin. First Sudafed goes behind the counter and gets your name into a police registry. Now over-the-counter diahhrea meds — yes, Immodium, of all things — get targeted as part of Dreaded Scourge of Opiod Abuse. It’s one thing to carry your heart on your sleeve. Entirely another to carry your heart on your back for over a year. Well, I wouldn’t v*te…


Friday Freedom Question: Risks taken, risks not taken

I was thinking this morning about risks — about the chances we take … or don’t take. Not so much risks like whether to shoot for that Xtreme skateboard move or play it safe. But the big, potentially life-changing risks. Oh, sure, the skateboard move or the jump out of the plane or whatever can also be life-changing. It could squish your ribcage or your pelvis, not to mention your brain. Or it could tell you you have more courage than you knew, courage you could use for good in the rest of your life. But I’m thinking more of…


Friday links

Cops have a new machine that lets them grab money off your prepaid cards right at roadside. But it’s not about the money. Really it isn’t. Of course not! It’s about … um … erm, identity theft! Yeah, that’s what it’s really about. The cops aren’t just getting more bold and efficient about stealing from you. They’re protecting you! (H/T Fred in comments) Oopsie. Looks as if that gun “documentary” wasn’t the only one Couric and pals artfully edited to make their opponents look like dumbasses. Great news for people who love both the Web and privacy: WWW creator, Tim…


Tuesday links

Sigh. It had to happen. One faction in the cannabis legalization movement sics the cops on another faction that it perceives as cutting into its profits. Piggery all around. “But we’re different, right?” asks Y.B. ben Avraham, on the subject of hating Jews. Well, yes, that’s almost exactly how it is being a writer. Except they forgot to add smoking three packs a day* and finding clever strategems (like counting the perforations on the acoustic tiles in the ceiling) to avoid actual, you know, work. (H/T jed in comments) Seventeen movies that bombed at the box office then went on…