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Month: January 2018

Things to do during the government shutdown

With those ever-helpful “moderates” trying to forge a deal to restart the non-essential parts of the federal government, you might … Well, wait. First we should establish what govocrats consider essential: Ahem. But while there’s still time (if the cannibalism and urban torching in your neighborhood haven’t gotten too intense), here are a few things you might consider doing any time a government isn’t looking: I’m sure you can think of more. (All images H/T MJR).



ALERT ā€” ALERT ā€” ALERT The federal government has shut down. Please use the comment thread on this post to report all instances of rioting in the streets, highway robbery, rise of warlords, cannibalism, human sacrifice, and instances of non-essential employees reporting to work that you observe today. Iā€™m sorry that your Commentariat friends will be unable to rescue you if you are besieged in your house by zombie hordes. We will all be dealing with survival issues of our own. I plan to make it through the week on lentils. Beyond that, I may have to eat the cat.…


Midweek links

  • We were worried about our rights when the IRS started using private bill collectors. Did we even consider that the poor IRS might actually lose money on the deal?
  • Nissan wants to read your mind.
  • Richard Rahn talks rationally about immigration from sh*tholes (or ratholes or sh*thouses; the claims about Trump’s language are mutating) — and in the process includes three branches of my ancestry. I’m so proud. 8 Comments
  • Over at Claire’s Cabal …

    … we are having a discussion about this season’s flu and how to fight it. If you’ve been following the news, you know that the current common strain is a nasty one — and that this year’s vaccine is a miss. The vac is only 19% effective, at best, and by some counts only 10%. I also know we have quite a few around here, including several retired or current medical people, who wouldn’t get a flu vaccine if it were billed as 97% effective. (Partly because the vaccines have such a history of being surrounded by misinformation and propaganda.)…


    Tuesday links

  • Here’s a Hawaiian who had a plan in case of nuke attack. Not a great plan, but still.
  • “Am I a bad feminist?” asks Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale. Seems so because she — gasp! — believes in due process even for men.
  • Guess we should have figured that. The jihadis who tried to shoot up that “Draw Mohammed” contest in 2015 were egged on and even accompanied by an undercoverFBI agent — and apparently neither the FBI nor the DoJ warned attendees that the U.S. government was sending wannabe murderers their way. Thank heaven for armed Texans! 13 Comments
  • Watching mud dry as an antidote to the madness of the world

    How’s that for a blog title? Sounds like one of those avant garde 1960s plays, doesn’t it? (The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade — that sort of thing.) Actually, it’s the plain, mundane, and muddy fact of the day. Just now, I was sitting in the bedroom-to-be, sipping a cup of sweet tea, kicking back in a bentwood rocker (maybe I should add that to the title), inspecting/admiring/critiquing the wall I taped and plastered this morning. And it occurred to me…