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Month: July 2018

Therapeutic DIY

I’m spending as much of this weekend as I can outdoors and away from the computer. A dose of sunshine (however watery and cloud-filtered) and a dose of physical work are just the thing to burn away depression. Feels good to get things done, too. On Tuesday The Wandering Monk and I got the north gable end repaired, trimmed, and almost ready to paint. Since then I’ve been slooooowwwwwly cleaning, caulking, painting, and otherwise finishing the wall, eaves, and fascia. Except — drat! — for one spot no more than three feet square. It’s too high to reach by ladder…


More on Susan

People have been asking about memorial services, sending flowers, and other actions to honor MamaLiberty’s memory. Susan’s sister Sandra has been kind enough to give me some information. There will be no service. Susan will be cremated and her ashes scattered. There’s no good place to send flowers, but there are plenty of other ways to honor ML. Sandra writes, “Her friends are welcome to hold whatever [memorial service] they would like to; I know she would appreciate it. Go to the gun range and shoot some rounds in her memory. LOL LOL.” Yeah, Susan would definitely appreciate us going…


Thursday links

  • Americans’ deep, deep concern over Russia’s corruption of U.S. elections: 1% and falling.
  • On one street (of government-owned homes) in Detroit.
  • How come creepy ‘crats (or in this case their lawyers) always use that line about how [whatever thing they did] “doesn’t reflect who they are as a person”? What the heck else could it possibly reflect? Who their third cousin is? Who they are as a cockroach? Whot? 8 Comments
  • MamaLiberty, RIP

    I’ve just heard from Bill St. Clair, who heard from one of her neighbors, that Susan Callaway, our MamaLiberty, has died. She said her goodbyes a few weeks ago, and I’m glad that we all had a chance to say goodbye to her as well, and thank her personally for what she meant to us. I’ll have more later when I know more. Nathan Barton at The Price of Liberty will be making the official announcement. There is much to say.


    Busy day, quick post

    Today The Wandering Monk and I began repairing and preparing to paint the gable end on the north side of Ye Olde Wreck. It’s worse than it looks in that rather sunshiny photo. For instance, the soffit boards … aren’t boards. Those drunken geniuses Jim Beam and Jack Daniel used fiberboard. In the wettest climate in the continental U.S. Fiberboard. Also, there was so much tar on the first two courses of shingles (from an old flat roofed addition, now gone) that we concluded it was more efficient to rip off and replace the affected wood than to attempt to…


    Too darned hot

    It’s Too Darned Hot and I’m loving it. Sweating. Cutting walks short. Staying inside with the ceiling fan running. And loving it. I did manage to make use of myself this weekend. The general store had all its plants and a lot of its garden pots 50% off. Although I’m normally too black-thumbed to bother, I spotted a whole lot of pretty succulents. Even I have a hard time killing succulents. So I made these two mini-gardens for the new front porch. —– More missing cats around town — really around town. The latest beloved house pet, posted LOST at…