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Category: Administrivia

Why are you donating — or not donating?

I’ve gotta just come right out and say it. The fundraiser had a boffo, whopping, wonderful, encouraging first three days. Since then … it’s had a few great moments. Individual donations have been unusually generous and for that, I bless you. But broad support is nil, even though readership is as strong as ever. Of the last nine days, eight seven have brought in $0 — zero, nada, nothing (fortunately, one active day raised $316 in three generous donations, but that’s still not sufficient to sustain progress). We’ve stalled. This is unusual. I’ve only had two other fundraisers, but they’ve…


Just a hair and we’re halfway there

$2,484 on the fundraising thermometer this morning! Just $16 shy of the halfway point. This is thanks to a one-two punch of generosity by RZ and TW (building on the foundation laid by 26 other donors). Wednesday, the 16th, is hump day for the Final Fundraiser. That’s the day it’s halfway over — which makes the timing for this morning’s leap feel propitious. Thank you all for making this a very un-Mondaylike Monday. —– UPDATE: Reader JC makes it an even $2,500! I confess, knowing how much some people like to round off numbers, I considered being sneaky and waiting…


Fundraiser update

This morning I received a check from someone I know has gone through hard times. She told me she’s been gradually digging out, and I’m glad to have her donation. But it’s the last thing I’d have expected. Several people who’ve donated regularly in the past have been clobbered recently: illness, medical expenses, unemployment, divorce, you name it. Dear old friends, if you’re struggling, keep what little you have for yourselves. I’m already blessed and I don’t want to take money from people who are worse off than I am. —– That said, however … if you’re not struggling and…


Fundraiser update: This is YUGE

A generous donor has offered to match all donations, up to a total of $5,000. All you who’ve contributed to the $1,400 already raised … consider your donations doubled. All you who donate from here on … know that everything you send will go twice as far. The extra might enable me to begin treatment of my whatever-it-is. If that’s not necessary (knock wood), there are a number of other good ways to put the money to use. And this exceptionally generous donor adds, “I hope your readers will cooperate in making it cost me the full $5K.”


The Final Fundraiser begins

It’s been nearly two years since my last bleg-a-thon. Now, as promised, the Final Fundraiser begins. And I mean that. After this, I plan not to have another fundraiser unless in some extreme emergency. I hope you’ll contribute simply because you value this blog or Claire’s Cabal. But let me tell you what I’ll use the funds for: To keep the blog and the Cabal running, of course! That means not only hosting fees, maintenance and such, but also supporting the content. To finish the exterior of Ye Olde Wreck. After that, Ye Olde Wreck of a house will officially…



Just checking in to ensure that the blog and comments are still working for everybody after some fixes this morning. I got an email from Freedom Feen MWD, warning me that, on the Chrome browser at least, all HTTP sites will soon be labeled “insecure” — which, he notes, is a good development. But which will also discourage people from visiting those sites. I thought both the blog and were set up for HTTPS. But while the Cabal was properly showing that “s” in its address line, not so with the blog. Turned out we had a twofold problem.…


A little (online) housekeeping

Over at Claire’s Cabal we went to a (mostly) free-membership model in mid-2017. Now, all initial memberships are six-months. If the new Cabalistas are active posters and assets to the community, I convert them to full members. If they just lurk or post a few times then leave, their membership lapses. The first of those six-month provisional memberships end later this month. As of today, when I finally got around to setting up that system, lurkers who’d like to continue lurking can extend their memberships for a small fee. Still, if you’re a Cabal lurker, I hope you’ll get in…


Boy, I just did not have it yesterday

I could not make myself sit down at the computer yesterday. At least not long enough to blog anything brilliant. Had Jim Bovard not sent me a couple of links and a laugh, I’d have had nothing but blank pages for you. I did manage to use My Bad Brain Day to finish applying the tongue-and-groove pine to the ceiling of the bedroom-to-be. Well, mostly finish. Several edge pieces will require tricky cuts; I’ll try those later. Then I’ll turn them over to The Wandering Monk and his friend’s well-equipped shop if I make a mess. Still, getting that far…


Patreon rescinds

Email to creators, just arrived. Patreon will not be rolling out the fee change that caused what one creator called the “Patreonpocalypse” (H/T MJ): Dear creators, From the bottom of our hearts, we’re truly sorry. Last week’s service fee announcement caused a tough week for you, your patrons, and your teams. We were trying to solve a problem for creators and, in turn, caused more problems for you and your patrons. You’ve spoken loud and clear. We’re not going to rollout the changes to our payments system that we announced last week, and are currently assessing other options. They followed…


Well, alrighty then, PayPal

Since I had the afternoon off from home improvement (thanks to the Monk’s malfunctioning truck), I thought I’d get a few useful things done. Ava and I have walked in the sunshine and I’m headed to the drug store shortly to get myself shot up a pneumonia vaccine. Meantime, I finally — almost — talked PayPal into doing something I badly needed it to do. Now before I explain this PayPal something, let me reiterate that I am not-not-not soliciting donations. I’m sitting quite pretty at the moment (thanks to the usual help from my friends) and won’t be having…