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Category: Guns and Gun Rights

Of course.


This morning on the estuary. It was 33 degrees but placid and sunny, turning the simple understructure of the pier into something complex and eye-bending. I would have loved to stay there enjoying the beauty and avoiding work. But we had a freezing rain last night. Everything that wasn’t madly drippy was still crunchy. No sitting and relaxing; just walking. I should remember to bring a sheet of plastic to town on days like this so I can sit on the waterfront benches. Then again, days like today are so rare I don’t think about that. —– Since the Parkland…


Friday links

  • Okay, you’ve heard by now that the resource officer on site at the Florida school shooting was being paid $75k a year (plus benefits!) to cower behind a pillar while students in his dubious care were murdered. But boy, he seems to have been a general freeloading sleaze even before that.
  • And he’s just the latest in a long and growing line of coward cops.
  • I haven’t been paying much attention to any Trump-administration scandals (all those imaginary Russians!). But this news on how Paul Manafort got tripped up by his inability to handle everyday tech is hilarious. When you’re faking it with millions of dollars you’d think you’d at least put a touch of effort into your deceptions. 13 Comments
  • Valentines Day massacre

    Bear Bussjaeger on all the things that didn’t happen. A sampling: You want to blame someone for the Parkland dead? Try the school adminstrators and police who looked away. Don’t blame me or the other fifty-five to one-hundred-twenty million who did not do it, and who have proposed solutions. Solutions that do not involve assuming the innocent are guilty, and criminals will obey laws. Solutions that do not violate rights. Solutions that would work. Solutions that do not involve:


    What to do with old JPFO shirts?

    These were among the few leftover items JPFO sent me in the year before the organization died.* They’re “vintage” but still new. What should I do with them? “Raise Your Hand” shirts: T-shirt, large; hoodless sweatshirt, small. Battle of Athens 50-year commemorative shirt: small (two-sided design with more info about the battle on the back) “Life Preserver” shirts: small (two-sided design with list of genocides on the back) I also have a few belt buckles & such that may emerge as I gradually rescue the house from construction chaos. Problem is that the shirts are all smalls, except for the…