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Category: Humor

Yogurt, raffle rifle, defective dog, responsibilities, book review … and oh, never mind.

Okay. I promised updates. I’m behind on some of them. So no revolutionizing today. No deep probes into the psyche. No snicker-snark over political follies. Just catching up. Yogurt update: Two weeks ago I posted about making the first batch of yogurt in my new Yolife Yogurt Maker. Well, I’ve made five batches since then and I’m tellin’ ya, this is something even I can do. (And when you’re talking things of the kitchen, that’s always a good a completely freaking amazing sign.) Not only is it easy. It’s so easy that I usually whip up a batch before I’ve…


Dog days

Okay. Back to the lighter side for a moment. Dog people. Cat people. Share some of the “charming” sights you may have come home to over the years. And enjoy this charming act of congressional bipartisanship, courtesy of The Onion. (I sent this to my vet this morning. She said she hoped it was a joke. But with Congress, you never can tell …) —– ADDED: This has absolutely nothing to do with dogs (unless there’s something they’re not telling us). But here’s some news of the weird for ya, since we’re in that mood. This one isn’t from The…


No comment

From Just Waiting in a recent comment section: You made your money writing books about freedom and revolution, now you’re proud to declare you’re hiding in your cave once it begins? For someone who promotes freedom, you’re more condescending and dismissive than the Fox News puppets about the Occupy movement. Theatrics and a yeah, good luck with that? People are living in the streets to protest for your, mine our freedom. And you’re in a cave. Good luck with that too. I’m not an anarchist or utopian dreamer, I’m a realist and a staunch supporter of my and others’ self-sovereignty.…


Tuesday miscellany

Two from The Onion (language in both NSFW): Steve Jobs obituary and “Nervous American Voters Worried About Botching Another Election.” One from Ragnar in a recent comment section. Sort of a redneck punk rap song, “My Country, My Ass.” (“Teacher used to say we had a Bill of Rights. I think they took our rights and sent us the bill.”) Regulators vs an enterprising ship salvager. What to do if you can’t afford a vet. DRM encourages piracy. No surprise, really. Neither is this. (Not that the fedgov should be subsidizing anything, of course.) Funniest pet Halloween costumes. Think it’s…


“It” and other matters

A while back we talked about “it” — The Day, The Moment, the trigger event, the one unmistakable signal that the house of cards is really, truly commencing to fall. Will there ever be such a moment? If so, will we recognize it when it happens or only spot it in retrospect? Or will there be no “it” — just be a dreary slide? Jim B. points out that Rome didn’t collapse in a day. Ellendra asks, apropos of nothing and everything whether politicians joking (?) about suspending elections might qualify as a sign. I don’t know whether we’ll ever…


Musings while painting a wall

Sorry for the non-posting. I’ve been taking advantage of unseasonably good weather and a break in deadlines to do a burst of late-summer projects. During breaks in yardwork and painting, I’ve watched mindlessly entertaining videos like The Human Slinky and the Bed-Sheet Cat. Occasionally even mind-activating videos like the ad for the new drug Complyacin. 🙂 Or getting my Bovard fix. He has a good take on the “effectiveness” of federal job-training programs. (I can’t believe I have friends who write for the Wall Street Journal. So respectable! And speaking of respectable, I just learned today that an old acquaintance…


Brilliantly sarcastic signs

A find from MamaLiberty. Brilliantly sarcastic responses to completely well-meaning signs. Not all are safe for work. But most are pretty darned hilarious. And some of them make a wonderful amount of good sense. MamaLiberty and I both sort of favored this one:


Monday miscellany

“Five Financial Lessons You’ll Learn from the Zombie Apocalypse.” Uh … yeah. Bovard on raising hell in subsidized housing. Typical government solution to a government problem. I’ve been wondering how long it would be before commentators started predicting the killer-rabbit moment. “Pope Tells Pilgrims to Stay True to Faith.” Why is this “news”? Why on freaking earth is this news? It’s right up there with the headline the MSM prints every six months or so: “Pope Prays for World Peace.” I mean, nothing against Catholicism. As religions go, it was one of the best I ever tried out. The pope…


Monday miscellany

First, to assist with your Monday morning work avoidance: Jake MacGregor posted three new chapters last week, beginning with Chapter 25 in which Our Intrepid Hero … dons a dress and discovers why it really isn’t his style. “The Five Stages of Awakening.” Dog helps rape victims in court and provokes controversy. This is most absolutely definitely not safe for work. And Felonious Munk’s grasp of economics might not rise to Misean levels. Still. a pretty good rant. States rights isn’t only a “right-wing” position. More in the common-ground department. Blueberry season! It feels as if summer has barely begun.…