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Category: Poly-Ticks

Those blood-sucking vermin in state and national capitals and city halls everywhere

Monday miscellany

Deadlining, so nothing Deep and Profound at the moment (not even anything deep and profound without the capital letters). But lotsa, lotsa links …. Here’s some insider dope on the weird stuff you may have heard is going on at Cato. Mobile phone privacy tips. And when it comes to privacy, you just gotta love Mozilla. You know that stupid TSA rule against more than three ounces of liquid? Well see if you can figure this one. And speaking of milk, turns out you can get a bigger “price on your head” for selling the raw stuff than for oh…


Thursday links

In the last week, instead of posting miscellany here at the blog, I’ve been taking it to Twitter. Matt suggested that in a comment and it’s definitely a good way to go. Contrary to some folks’ fears, you don’t have to join Twitter to read those tweets (100 and counting, including re-tweets). Just click the link in the stickied post up above. I don’t think that gives you the full picture, as following me (gods forbid, they really need a better term — flocking; flying; singing; migrating) on Twitter would do. But it’s a good way to get your miscellany…


Monday miscellany

Shy? Grieving? You sicko, you. (Tip o’ hat to P.) This came from D. with the disgruntled comment, “Most of the people I know who got medals got shot.” It’s so much tidier being in the elite. Too bad hackers had to do this. Should be standard procedure. (Tip o’ hat to M.) Remember the cop who got fired for hanging and kicking his K9 partner? Well, it seems that the firing was a problem; the hanging and pummeling were just as the trooper always claimed — yes, standard procedure. (H/T to Fred.) A 12-year-old boy saves his grandma’s house…


Monday miscellany

The strange birth of New York’s gun laws. Oooh, now this is cynical. And fraught with … well, just fraught. (Tip o’ hat to JB.) Darn. They’re ruining it for me! (Tip o’ hat to MJR.) At least Twitter is is trying to mitigate its consent to censorship. “Why Conservatives Should Be Libertarians.” The Barefoot Bandit will probably serve just under five years. Federal and state sentences to be concurrent. Seems a reasonable mercy — and with luck a chance for that bright but screwed-up boy to get his head together. (HT to PT.) A troop of gorillas visits a…


Wednesday miscellany

It just had to happen eventually, didn’t it? Ron Paul action figures. I like the man. But seriously, I agree with Joel. It’s getting a little nuts. Okay, maybe the superhero action figure is sorta funny. But since when do free people set up idols to worship? The dog: man’s best friend for more than 33,000 years. If this is a “minor infraction” I’d hate to see what serious violence is. But of course, if the cop loses his job over this, some other PD will consider him prime material for their wrong-house-puppykittyciding-drug-raiding SWAT team. (Tip o’ hat to C^2.)…


Wednesday links

What happens when a corporation gets just a bit too uppity in its definition of IP. I suppose as times get harder, we can expect more of this sort of thing. Shudder. But if it can be made harder on the forces of tyranny … (Some notes on guerrilla warfare) “Complex Systems, Dysfunctional Industries, and Catastrophic Collapse.” Preparedness. Basic. Fascinating. They haven’t found the suspect, two decades later. But they’ve found his seventeenth century ancestor. Yeah. Right. According to this I’m supposed to go to either Switzerland … or the U.S. How about you? Good going. Excellent calm way to…


Watching New Hampshire

These days of course you couldn’t get me to v*te unless you stuck a gun in my ear. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the show. And I’ve always found it quite a show. Some of my fondest memories from childhood involve trying to keep my eyes open late-late at night as election returns trickled in. Sometimes when I couldn’t make it, Mom would wake me up around midnight to tell me who the new governor or president or senator would be. When the TV networks perfected the art of calling elections seconds after the polls closed, they ruined…