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Category: Resistance

Sometimes you need to say “no” to Big Brother

Contemplating my mortality

Oy. That sounds melodramatic. But there’s no way around it. For the last week I’ve been contemplating my mortality. I’m not quite well. I’m not quite sick, either, but I haven’t been quite well for nearly two years. It’s taken me this long to add all the little things up and start to speculate (and finally, to take up that dangerous instrument, the keyboard, to learn what I could learn). Damn, it pains and irritates me to say that. I’ve always had an iron immune system and robust health. But there comes a time … Anyhow, about 18 months ago…


I will be back

Possibly tomorrow if all goes well. I’ve been offline, ignoring most email, personal messages, and news. I haven’t meant to be rude, but I’ve been sunk in a funk, and a deep dark one at that. Wintery temps and record-setting rains haven’t helped matters. This morning I received a feast of spiritual sustenance from my friend Alexander. I’d sent him a selfish and whiny missive. He must have spent his entire evening responding to it. He sent humor, love, scholarship, and entertainingly unconventional theology. It reset my perspective. It cheered me as no standard attempt at cheer could have done.…


That most revolutionary act

This was one of rockchucker’s many good submissions to the Practical Freedomista meme contest. I love it both because of its message (whose source is unknown, though people attribute it to Orwell) and because I admire Edward Snowden. Kit and I included Snowden as an example in Basics of Resistance, but only after strong urging from one of our reality checkers, followed by much verbal tippy-toeing around each other. Because Kit loathes Snowden as thoroughly as I admire him. I knew she’d dislike the meme, too, so I got her permission before posting it here. After all, it has the…


Our first review

Thank you, Mama Liberty. You really nailed the purpose of the book. UPDATE: First reviewS, actually. We also just got our first Amazon write-up — and it’s five stars! Thank you, Dave. The viewpoint of his review is quite different than ML’s, but he also not only writes a great review, but understands the book with wonderful clarity, just as she did. Thank you both.


Robespierre’s Law

When LarryA submitted this graphic to the meme contest (now ended at the Cabal, though intriguing memes are still coming in), I first assumed that Robespierre’s Law was already a thing. It’s certainly a truth known to freedomistas everywhere, though both “left” and “right” remain oblivious to it. But no. Robespierre’s Law may be a well-known yet eternally disregarded truth, but Larry seems to be the first to have named it and memed it. I hope he does more with this. —– About the infamous Maximilien Robespierre: His Wikipedia entry; Robespierre and the Terror. The funny thing is, even today…


Book: Many thanks!

So much is happening so fast with Basics of Resistance (both versions). We owe big thanks: To Survivalblog and James Wesley, Rawles for putting us at the top of their recommendations list and giving the book an extra boost. To Western Rifle Shooters Association and Concerned American. I don’t always agree with CA, and the WRSA comment section should be marked “Here Be Dragons.” But CA has been a huge friend to the book, with his latest gift being another big boost yesterday. To Wendy McElroy who put us at the top of her News & Commentary page yesterday with…