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Living Freedom Posts

Wednesday miscellany

Big surprise. Kids apparently don’t learn much in their first two years of college. “Sit. Stay. Parse. Good Girl!” More on that incredibly learned border collie. (NY Times free subscription link.) Don’t you think the WSJ should have called BS on this? What a load of you know what. Oh yeah. That’s how to solve Europe’s problems: counterfeit. (And no need to point out that the Euro is already counterfeit. Don’t we all know …) More on the topic of the week. The last paragraph is freaking brilliant. Great Gary Marbut is at it again. The idea isn’t new: to…


Laws worth breaking

So. Did you break any good laws yesterday? Any bad ones? No need to confess, of course, but it would be entertaining and instructive to see some of your more creative victimless lawbreaking in the comments section. You don’t even need to have done it yesterday. (After all, no good Freedom Outlaw is going to break a law, let alone perform the act on schedule, just because some blogger thinks it’s a good idea.) What? You say you didn’t break any laws yesterday? Not one? Were you in a coma all day or what? Short of that, you must simply…


Dis a tyrant day

Today is that silliest of all holidays, Martin Luther King Day. Okay, the man had his good points. But does anybody on the planet really believe he’s the one American who merits a holiday in his honor (ever since Washington and Lincoln got combined into the drearily homogenized “Presidents Day”)? Ridiculous! What makes him so special he should be elevated above Jefferson, Franklin, Thoreau, Washington (Booker T.), Lysander Spooner, Victoria Woodhull, George Washington Carver, Clara Barton, Frank Lloyd Wright, Aaron Copland, Alexander Graham Bell, Anne Hutchinson, Mark Twain, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Frederick Douglass, Nellie Bly, Malcolm X, Andrew Carnegie, Maria…


Weekend miscellany

Hooboy. We’re never going to hear the last of this from the “guns as phallic symbols” hoplophobes. The first WikiLeaks revolution? I think the moral here is that, if the government of your country is reasonable and transparent (yeah, rare, I know), WikiLeaks can’t possibly hurt it. But if it’s already corrupt to the core (I mean more corrupt than usual) … Scanners. Detecting nothing. How come government mainstreamers only “get it” after it’s too late for them to do anything about it? The miracle of Wikipedia. Sometimes it’s just great to be reminded that freedom can work so brilliantly.…


Power and hypocrisy

Via Rational Review News, here’s part IV of Devi Barker’s provocative series on authoritarian sociopathy. All four installments have been good, but this is both the best and the scariest. If the studies Barker cites tell the truth, then the truth is that most people who receive even a hint that they might be powerful a) demand higher standards for other people’s behavior and b) think they’re entitled to be given a pass on their own immoral or illegal acts. It apparently takes very little to put the average Jill or Joe into that mindset. (Likewise, it doesn’t take much…


Not within 1000 feet of the elite

You. Me. Our firearms. So “Mr. Homeland Security” proposes. Exemptions for The Only Ones, of course. Which goes along with this. Which at least has the virtue of containing the most unintentionally hilarious quote from a congressthing yet this year. ADDED: A freedomista agrees with the elite. Sez their proposals to protect their august selves from hoi palloi like us simply don’t go far enough. 🙂


Toowoomba flood

If you think the weather’s bad in your neighborhood, take a look at this footage from Toowoomba in eastern Australia, where (at latest count) 10 are dead and 78 missing after six inches of rain fell in half an hour. And that’s after weeks of earlier “slow-motion disaster” due to flooding.


Asking the right questions

Jason Richwine of the American Enterprise Institute asks all the wrong questions: Full-body scanners, invasive pat-downs, harsh carry-on restrictions—has the Transportation Security Administration gone too far? Critics and defenders of the TSA tend to talk past each other, so I propose a new approach to answering the question. Let us imagine there were a major airline that could opt out of all TSA regulations. Call it “Liberty Air.” Liberty Air openly advertises that it takes zero safety precautions when it comes to screening passengers and baggage. Would you fly on this airline? … To bolster the argument, imagine that Liberty…