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Living Freedom Posts

Thank you

Before I really get going here, I need to stop and thank Dave for inviting me to blog and Oliver Del Signore for setting up this page (and for doing more over the years than anyone will ever know). Thank you also to Lenie for the perpetual good cheer and support (not to mention her delicious recipes). To Lisa for being a patient and friendly author liaison. And of course, Annie for being there to carry the flag for another generation. I’m sure there are other BHM people whose names I don’t even know but to whom I owe a…

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What on earth am I doing here?

Well, pretty much the same thing I always do when I’m not in work-avoidance mode: writing about my old favorite topic, personal freedom. The name of the blog says it all. The writings here will be about “living freedom” in our own lives (rather than waiting or fighting for it to be politically bestowed). The blog’s name also says that freedom is a living thing. Okay, not a “living and breathing” thing like a dog or cat or you or me. But freedom will live as long as human beings breathe. As Viktor Frankl made so eloquently clear, freedom can…