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Month: January 2013

Various & sundry ramblings

I intended to write a long (and no-doubt Deeply Profound) meditation on the above. And on how, even if we were all flying around in those personal gyrocopters the futurists of the 1950s were all so certain we’d own now, life would still be pretty much life, humans would still be oh-so-very-human, and time would still be pretty much wasted. But my brain has been feeling soggy and loggy the last few days, as if somebody left it in tepid bathwater and it got all pruney. That may be a good sign. Sometimes I get like this when Ye Olde…


Ignoring today

I was happily ignoring the fact that today is the re-crowning of our Wise Monarch. Then Certain Persons (you know who you are, damn you) called it to my attention. Which did not brighten the day one bit, I have to tell you. But then one of those Certain Persons made up for it by sending a cartoon that perfectly expresses the situation in terms that … well, I can relate to:


Public Policy Hooligan:Good cheer in a dreary year

I have spent decades trying to turn political dirt into philosophic gold. I have yet to discover the alchemist’s trick, but I still have fun with the dirt. I have sometimes been mistaken for a troublemaker. My work has been publicly denounced by the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the Postmaster General, and the chiefs of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, International Trade Commission, Drug Enforcement Administration,Agency for International Development, and Federal Emergency Management Agency. Yet, I was merely seeking to help Americans…


Get it while it’s still legal!

Deadly tactical assault rock — now in even more deadly black! From the famous CroMagnum Arms International. Oh. Wait. The auction’s over. And that might have been your last chance. Oh no. Whatever will we do? (H/T A.G. and be sure to scroll down to the Q&A and click to read more; there are four pages of “deadly serious” questions.)


Friday’s miscellaneous gun-stuff and laughing at the bastards post

This is photoshopped. I repeat, this is PHOTOSHOPPED. But still … ain’t it grand? I owe A.G. for the charming fantasy. And if you like that very striking Molon Labe graphic (by Big Fur Hat of I Own the World), you can get it on tee shirts and in other flavors around the ‘Net. (NFI on my part. However, if you want me to have some FI, my Amazon links can take you to scads of molon labe clothing, molon labe decals, patches, bumper stickers, and books, and even a molon labe ejection port cover for your AR15. So go…


I love this!

… despite the fact that it’s on F*c*b**k. About a week ago, faithful Freedom Outlaw Ragnar took the initiative to concoct a Freedom Outlaw Facebook page. Now a friend of his (good going, Friend of Ragnar!) has created this image for it. Ragnar’s site is likeable, funny, has a lot of activity, and is worth visiting despite its location. Now this image makes it even better. Seems I’m not alone in this opinion. In less than a week, Ragnar’s page has drawn more than 500 “likes” and has nearly 800 people talking about it. [EDITED: Removed stuff that Ragnar says…


Thursday links

Banning those “clips” is working up to be such an exercise in futility. (H/T J and others) The people of Colorado (and elsewhere) are beginning to wake up to the fact that police have become wanton killers of their four-legged family members. On the other hand, there are blessed exceptions. An announcement from the Galactic Empire Public Relations Department on Earth’s refusal to build a Death Star. (H/T C^2) How it’s likely to turn out when the feddies decide to start measuring our happiness. I knew the name Tim Racer through dog rescue. He and his wife founded BadRap, one…


Petition to make Obama safer earns 25,000+ signatures

By the time you read this, the petition to make Obama, Biden, and their families safer by creating a gun-free zone around them will have earned the 25,000 signatures required to earn a response from an Official White House Policy Wonk. It’s just 320 shy as I write this Wednesday night. Good thing, too, because the WH has just announced that, henceforth, it’ll take 100,000 signatures in 30 days for a petition to be worth bothering with. Look, I know just as well as you do that all this petitioning is useless. Of course it is. Except for one…


Obama and his disarmament wishlist

Everybody — everyblogger — is supposed to make some comment on Obama’s anti-gun announcement today. I’ve been thinking about it and here’s mine: I don’t care. It doesn’t matter whether he called for outright confication (he didn’t; not yet) or whether he actually wussed out under “conservative” pressure. (H/T D for the link even if I don’t buy its nice, hopeful content.) Yeah, it kinda ticks me off that the Washington Post, which surely knows better, calls some of Obama’s most facile propaganda (page two of this Post artitorial) a “Constitutional argument.” Constitutional argument my Aunt Fanny; Obama’s remarks about…


Tuesday links

In 2009, her young husband was killed in an accident. After the shock of coping with the planning he and she had left undone, Chanel Reynolds started a website whose name the New York Times is too proper even to print. It’ll help you Get Your Shit Together. We have met the 1% and he is us. (H/T S) Some people have doubted that the White House can give an interesting answer to one of those petitions. Think again. (Via several people including S, who offers to build a Death Star for a mere $450,000,000,000,000,000.) Stealth wear anti-surveillance fashion.…