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Month: September 2015

Tuesday links

Mostly on the lighter side this morning … Godzilla vs. Congress. Cats vs zombies. Security vs Privacy. I had no idea that “window licker” was a thing. Did you? But of course, being a thing, it gives somebody yet one more thing to get OUTRAGED about. (Being outraged all the time must be so exhausting.) Uh oh, paleo. Turns out cavepersons were using grains and making flours a long, long time ago. (Via Pat in comments) Booksellers’ great signs (Via A.G. in comments) (A Pair of big H/Ts to JB and MJR)


Monday links

In the era of Common Core, classical education begins to rebound. Why on earth is there even a debate about whether cops who kill people should be identified? Especially when this is the LEO culture we live with? If you or I killed somebody, or were even suspected of it, our names would be blatted all over the media. Woman says she was strip-searched, drugged, and locked up in a metal ward (and billed for it) because cops don’t believe she owned her BMW. Man in jail for minor offenses ends up in a coma because jailers wouldn’t let paramedics…


Weekend links

Library joins the TOR network to give its computer-using patrons privacy. Local cops intervene. Hope is not yet lost, however. Skunk water. Cops’ latest weapon against we the uppity — and anybody else who happens to be in the way. Yes, that 13-year-old boy was stupid. But then, 13-year-old boys are. Law enforcers ought to know better. If you happen to be passing through Colorado on Wednedsday … Those new, more complicated (and vastly more invasive) medical codes Shel warned about in a recent comment section are to become official on October 1. Quadruple the info for doctors and medical…



Yeah. This. But without the “we” and without the sense of shock. Manipulate and control. It’s what governments do. Anybody who’s surprised just hasn’t been watching.


Friday links

Ha! Here’s a dude who decided to rob the wrong young woman. Five parenting situations that require alcohol. And not the rubbing kind. A loaded gun. A round in the chamber. And guess where this dumb tweaker broad decided to stash her firearm? Great advice for LEOs (and the person who sent me this link spent his career in that category): how to avoid being killed or being a killer of the innocent. Eight things that might get you on the infamous no-fly list. And note how few of them have anything to do with being dangerous. (H/T PT) The…


Fine and dandy

Just a quick note to say I’m fine and dandy. The infamous medical procedure got done after multiple delays due to equipment malfuntions. Then, when it was finally performed, it turned out complicated. Not necessarily in any way that’s bad for my prospects of a long, happy, and troublemaking life. Just complicated. With more complications to come in the next few weeks, I’m afraid. 🙁 But I’m alive. I’m well. I can eat, drink, and walk the dogs again. And wow, did they give me some great drugs. I was pretty much out of it for the rest of the…


Wednesday links

Boys with sticks learn what sticks are for. Beautiful. Bovard on the latest “food insecurity” fraud. Hmph. Must be nice to be so powerful that airlines change their routes so you can get to your second home more quickly. Seven archeological mysteries that could be solved in this century. Another potential use for cannibis: preventing organ rejection after transplants. Much more research needed. The rise and fall of the Salem witch hysteria. This dog is a caretaker at a zoo.