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Category: Cultural insanity

Tuesday links

In case Donald Trump wins, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, will roll out the red carpet to Americans. No word on where we’ll go if anybody else wins, but to hell in a handbasket seems a likely option. (H/T MJR) “Nino at the Bridge.” Quote: You know your country has big trouble when the death of one man tosses your political reckonings, your expectations, your fundamental understandings into the briar patch … (Yes, the author’s a bit more enamored of the Constitution that you probably are, but Scalia was a good man.) Borepatch: Don’t buy a Samsung smart TV. I think…


Wednesday links

You and I both know there are a lot of reasons not to vote for Bernie Sanders. But it never occurred to me that fear of burning in hell was one of them. More madness in gender feminism? Or just desperation in Hillaryland? And speaking of madness, if you have to fight and maneuver to keep people from seeing babies in ultrasound images, you’re really not too secure in your pro-choice beliefs, are you? Gutsy wife crashes her own funeral, shocking the heck out of the “grieving” husband who’d paid to have her murdered. A new look at the State…


Friday links

Big court victory for the Second Amendment this week. Like all court victories, flawed. But still big. Why antigunners own stocks in gun and ammo companies. I wasn’t sure they’d ever do it: The Free State Project now has the 20,000 pledgers it said it needed for critical political mass. I wonder whether they’ve checked to see if all those pledges are current and good. I know I withdrew mine around the time they started the move prematurely. The FSP is an intriguing effort that’s made waves. More power to it and all its people. How well they can stand…


Wednesday links

Wow. But not surprising. The ATF and the Obama administration, via Fast & Furious, supplied drug lord El Chapo with .50 cal weaponry. Zombie ships ply the ocean in hopes of paying just the interest, not the principle, on shipowners’ debt. One more place all that central bank bubble capital has been going for the last eight years. Right analysis? But completely crazy proposed solution to global bubbles. With state legislatures in session, it’s become political silly season. Most of the goofy new bills will never pass, so you can stop sending me alarming emails about junk that might not…


What is lost when a civilization wearies

Commentariat member Dana got me reading Thomas Cahill’s How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland’s Heroic Role From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe. It’s short, lively, and even if it’s not totally satisfying in describing how the Irish did the saving, it’s full of smack-upside-the-head insights.

The best material is on Rome’s collapse. (The first chapter was so persuasive it darned near made me feel sorry for tax collectors.) Before I return the book to the library, I want to post a couple of paragraphs. In the first, Cahill is mostly quoting from Kenneth Clark’s Civilization (spelling Americanized).



So. Are you going to watch the state-of-the-union addy tonight? (Or, depending on when you read this post, did you watch it?) I can’t remember the last SOTU address I watched, and that’s not just because I don’t “do” TV. Watching politicians give speeches — especially “important” speeches — is as savory as watching circus geeks bite the heads off live chickens. And much less entertaining. I’m sorta-kinda guessing the speech won’t have a big audience of BHM/Living Freedom readers. Still, you’ve probably heard that Big O plans to leave a seat empty so that … oh, all the ghosts…


Wednesday links

It should be no surprise to anyone hereabouts, but even as Microsoft pretends to have been converted to the privacy gospel, it steals your disk-encryption keys. If you have v*ted in the last 15 years, you are screwed. (H/T MJR) You may think this absurd, insecure database of v*ters is no big deal, but the implications are pretty catastrophic. And nobody knows who compiled or owns this giant mess? Fedgov, anyone? The war on Asian-American academic success. Repeat violators of HIPAA privacy provisions pay little consequence. Which is totally unsurprising because HIPAA was always more of a privacy-violation enabler than…


Monday links

The five “best” drug scares of 2015. This year’s weirdest science stories. Fourteen — maybe 15 — ways to avoid the Obamacare tax. (Per A.G. in comments.) Thirteen things credit card companies know about you that might make you cringe. Well, thank heaven it wasn’t “gun violence.” Another Darwin Award nominee, courtesy of absorption in mobile device. How embarrassing to die of pure stupid. But hey — at least it wasn’t “gun violence”! In praise of Glock. Ross Douthat on cracks in the liberal order. Not meaning “liberal” as in that thing that “progressives” don’t want to be called these…


Thursday links

Whatever you think (or whether you think) of Caitlyn Jenner, this is good. Seems Caitlyn refuses to toe the politically correct line on victimology. Meet the lobbyists who represent the world’s worst dictators to Your Representatives in Washington. I failed to acknowledge two very big historic dates earlier this week. First, the ratification of the Bill of Rights. Second, the Boston Tea Party. Here’s an interesting retrospective on the tea party. (Amusing how the Brahmins downplayed it.) And here’s an eyewitness account. You, too can evade the no-fly list. (Well, maybe. I’m sure this wouldn’t work for international flights where…


Tuesday links

A social-justice pecksniff explains that there’s nothing wrong with suppressing free speech and erasing history. It’s just a way of achieving a better future. Meanwhile, both members of the formerly well-regarded Couple Christakis have now fled Yale because they can’t work in such an environment. Kevin of The Smallest Minority takes all of three lines to explain weapons of war You already know the USPS has been photographing the outside of all your mail (“security,” of course). Now they’re offering to email you the photos. As a service. (H/T ML) The answer to terror: tougher (armed) citizens, not bigger government.…