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Category: Dogs and (grudgingly) cats

No description needed. Dogs are life. Cats are also necessary on the Internet.

Friday miscellany

Three new chapters this week in Jake MacGregor’s novel The Advisor. Chapter 19 and 20 on Tuesday. Chapter 21 last night. Good news from the lemonade wars. Well, if anything can be considered good news in this business of cops and code authoritah shutting down kids’ front-yard ventures. Can you imagine the kind of person who would — with “official” blessing — go out of his way to yell at little girls for selling lemonade? The mind boggles. But then, I suppose we’re supposed to be grateful that the criminal little lemonade pushers weren’t beaten and tasered to death. (NOTE:…


Tuesday miscellany

August 20 is Lemonade Freedom Day. “Because selling lemonade is not a crime. (H/T C^2) The Farmer Veteran Coalition. Beats the heck out of them coming back and joining the LAPD or the Podunkville “finest of the finest” SWAT team. (Thanking J. for this one) Yes, your dog really is reading your mind. (P πŸ™‚ ) Are you the addictive type? Sez here you might be leadership material. From Ellendra in a recent comment section who says, (finally) “even the Wall Street Journal is starting to notice” that there are too many federal laws and regulations. And that the feds…


Thursday miscellany

Prosecutorial misconduct brings a mistrial in the Roger Clemens never-talk-to-the-feds case. How come we never see the feds on trial for lying to us? (ADDED: Good commentary.) Gary Marbut — bless his bold and principled heart — does it again. This time, he makes the Wall St. Journal. “The Good Short Life.” Touching. Cops are at it again, too. Portable facial-recognition and iris-scanning devices. Another gift of USACorp’s perpetual war machine. While junque shopping, I really would have bought that set of five poker-playing dog prints (especially “Pinched with Four Aces.”) They were too expensive (and does anybody really need…

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Weekend miscellany

“Relevant stakeholders in the Second Amendment debate” my Aunt Fanny … Judge dismisses lawsuit against the TSA citing … wait for it … “a secret order issued by the TSA.” I marveled the other day that these days we take spying on innocents for granted. Yeah, and secret laws and orders, too. Well, that’s how it is when you live in a police state. (Tip o’ hat to D.) The lightbulb of the future? It doesn’t have to be a mercury-filled coil that induces headaches and adds 10 years to your appearance. “10 Reasons I’m Canceling My Credit Cards by…


Friday miscellany

Still deadlining this week — on every day but Wednesday when I snuck away with girlfriends for an orgy of junque shopping. So still only “lite” posting. But I’m working on another Big, Heavy Tome of a Thought, which I’ll probably drop onto the blog with a floor-shattering thud next week. In the meantime … It’s so weird how we just take news like this for granted now. β€œToday you were lucky, but you will have to be lucky always. We only have to be lucky once.” Why the IRA was successful and Al Quaeda not, according to a very…


Dog in progress

Been a long time since I did a pet portrait. Out of practice again. But I thought I’d share this in-progress pastel. The execution needs work, but I like the concept. This is “Bark,” a boisterous boy who recently died. Like so many Australian shepherd mixes, he had strange, striking eyes.


Monday miscellany

I knew that. From Chris D. in recent comments: Maker Faires. Cool idea. Idiots. Savages. Liver disease. It’s not just for alcoholics any more. Arty Bollocks Generator. πŸ™‚ Debt freedom = opportunity. Nice personal story. Westboro Baptist Church comes picketing. Target offers donuts. Great attitude.


Foster dogs and car salesthings

Well, the new foster dog is all settled in, thanks be to crates and portable kennels. How did anybody ever introduce new dogs to a pack without ’em? All went reasonably well. Robbie issued a few pro forma growls, then backed off on command, duty done. Ava — the most volatile of my pups — lunged at the newsomer’s crate repeatedly shouting, “I’m gonna rip your foul entrails out, you Spawn of Evil. If it’s my last act in life, I’ll tear your throat out of your wretched body and … oh, look. A tennis ball!” Nadja (who is one…


New foster dog coming in today, so …

I’m headed to another town to pick up a foster dog. I’m not ready for this. I told the local group I’d start fostering this summer, but things have been so unsettled I was considering ways to weasel out of my commitment. This is such a sad case, though. I couldn’t say no. The incoming dog is a nine-year-old who’s bouncing back to the group because a placement made six years ago has gone sour. The dog, a female black Lab mix, was very much loved. Then the adopter had babies, and “Betsy” never took to them. Eighteen months ago,…