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Reports of privacy’s death are greatly exaggerated

… Or at least I hope. A man I know just discovered — to his delight and horror — email apps that help create newsletters, then extensively track who’s opening the mail, when they open it, and what links in it they’re clicking on. “All without their knowledge, and completely legal.” He’s delighted because that can help keep his business competitive. He’s horrified because … well, who wouldn’t be? These things aren’t new and they can be thwarted by receiving email only in plain text format and not clicking on emailed links. When I questioned the ethics of a company…


Monday miscellany

DNA-based diets for health and fitness. (Tip o’ hat to PT.) The NY Times calls it dysfunction. Doesn’t it seem more like innovation to you? “Stray Cat Strut.” How one dedicated cat lady beat the IRS. Wendy McElroy: “The Next American Revolution Won’t Be Like the First.” Yep, I think we can count on that. 🙂 Via Ammoland. Alan Korwin and Mark Moritz present: “Sunshine Gun Laws.” This has been around quite a while, but it’s good for a little Monday cheer.


I win an award!

Well. While I’ve been waiting for Doug Ritter to send me a photo so I could blog about it … The word has gotten well and truly out. I won an award. Thank you Knife Rights. Thank you Ammoland for being so quick with the news. And thank you Rich and Denny for opportunity and attitude. That last link is to S.W.A.T. magazine’s new Facebook page, which I could only reach by having my evil teenage alter-ego log in. So I don’t know if any non-Facebookians can see it. —– Here’s the prize-winning article (which I’ve posted before, courtesy of…


His summer road to perdition

I’ve had the good fortune over the last couple of years to preview and comment on bits of James Bovard’s funny and politically astute memoir (so far untitled and still in progress). Bovard, OTOH, has had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of my perpetual whine, “So when are you finally going to publish the darned thing, Jim? Huh? Huh? When?” Well, it looks as if the first “leak” is out. The Wall Street Journal (of all unexpected pubs) has run Jim’s account of his slacker summer on a slacker road crew.


Tales (and tails) from the fair

Took me a while, but I said I’d have tales (and tails) from the Mother Earth News Fair. So here are a couple. The young lady with the radiant smile is — you can tell! — a member of the furry community. She wears her tail happily and presented me with a bushy faux wolf tail of my very own. Furry folk are much misunderstood and (you won’t be surprised) sometimes discriminated against for their playful self-expression. (The example at the last link happened on private property, so the security guards in question were probably within their rights — which…


Bonus miscellany

Stuff I’ve been collecting for use in larger essays that I’ve decided just to toss out here: Found this while researching the history of the Fourth Amendment for a S.W.A.T. magazine article: “In praise of John Wilkes: how a filthy, philandering dead-beat helped secure British–and American–liberty.” Overall freedom rankings by state. To be taken with a grain of salt, of course. Your personal freedom doesn’t depend on your state’s. But it’s interesting. Especially for anybody seeking a new place to live. Ego-boo. Look what I found at #10 on a list of 1214 Books You Must Read Before You Die.…


Wednesday miscellany

I said I was going to de-focus on bad news and its attendant blogistic knee-jerking. But once in a while the reality checks are too stunning to ignore. Here’s how bad it’s getting: The U.S. Department of Education sends a S.W.A.T team to kick down a door and terrorize a family — for defaulted student loans. (NOTE: Original link is now 404. Thanks to dsd in the comments, here’s another link, with photos. Check his other links, too.) Facebook is at it again. Keep your photos OUT of Facebook, guys. How you’re going to prevent Granny or your best buddy…


Awshucks …

He must mean Mother Earth, who is holding up pretty well despite her age and predictions of her imminent demise. If he means me, he forgot to add “damn good looking despite the gray silver hair and wrinkles.” But thanks, Dave. I blush. I thought you and Lenie rocked, too. (And so did Bryan Welch.) I hope you’ll blog more experiences from Mother’s show.