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Month: April 2014

Blooming dishonesty

Over at JPFO, I write about that just-plain, aw-shucks, down-home, good-ole sh*t-kickin’ member of the grassroots, Michael Bloomberg. And how the latest fraudulent “grassroots group” joins a long and ignoble tradition. More billionaire bux — down the tubes!


Sheriff Mack and other itty-bitty observations on human nature

A ramble through human nature …


Mack. Smack that man. He had to have known — had to from all his years of experience — that this stupid and apparently completely untrue blat would not only be picked up by every enemy of freedom, but that it would be remembered, and exaggerated, for the next 20 years. (“Oh yeah, the Bundy Ranch militia people. They were the ones who used women and babies as human shields …”)

Whatever possessed him?



A few little things

I apologize for being so busy and frazzly this week that my blogitude has been neglectful. Been thinking about y’all (and about a possible post on the strange twists and turns of human nature). Deadlining today, so here are a few quick bits to keep you busy: Oath Keepers is calling for aid at the Bundy Ranch. I’m glad Stewart, Elias, and crew are on the scene. So is Mike Vanderboegh. Oath Keepers and Threepers. You can help without having to take your own body to Nevada. JPFO is now offering extremely cool “Izula” knives from ESEE. ESEE donated 100…


Midweek links

I’ve been trying to find out how many New Yorkers dutifully lined up by yesterday’s deadline to get their yellow Star of David badges “assault weapon” registration forms. New York officials aren’t telling. Unofficial estimates are interesting. In Seattle (where cops have been under federal scrutiny for being such brutes), apparently police aren’t the only badge-wearing thugs. My apologies to LarryA for not linking this the other day, but it’s a good one even if I’m late with it. “Women’s intuition” and concealed carry meet a very surprised robber. One more reason to exercise no matter how old you are:…


Tuesday links

As you suffer through your taxes (or their aftermath), be of good cheer. You have much less chance of being audited than you’ve had in years. Church in a wealthy community installs a “homeless Jesus” sculpture. Woman reports the bum to cops. Notice to thieves: It’s not a good idea to burglarize the Pena household. In many places this would not be news. In darkest blue, gun-loathing New Jersey, it’s a bigger miracle than seeing Jesus’ face in a tortilla. (H/T jw) I think some school officials are going to be in trouble over this Sure hope so. (PT, who…


Victory at the Bundy ranch

Like most here I’ve been watching the standoff at the Bundy ranch. I’ve had nothing new to add to the discussion, so I haven’t blogged about it. Like others, I was just trying to figure what to make of it. I only hoped it wouldn’t end up being another Weaver/Waco massacre.

Not this time:


(Image via Sipsey Street, where Mike Vanderboegh has some spirited things to say about it.)


One tough way to go off-grid (book review)

A Widow’s Walk Off-Grid to Self-Reliance:
An inspiring, true story of courage and determination

Mason Marshall Press, 2014
$12.95 paperback
$8.95 Kindle


Photos show a normal, though elderly, little house. But Annie Dodds quickly discovered why she was able to lease the place sight-unseen for just $500 per year. It had no electrical service, no plumbing (not even an outhouse), rats in the attic, a tree staving in one wall, and a host of other cold, hot, wet, dry, dirty, inconvenient problems.

It was the kind of place where, on a bad day, you might open your sock drawer, briefly think, “I don’t have any socks that color,” then realize you were looking at a rattlesnake coiled atop your footwear.

But Annie loved it.

A Widow’s Walk tells the story of how she — recently widowed, emotionally devastated, dead broke, middle-aged, and equipped only with her own resourcefulness — followed her Backwoods Home-inspired dream of living independently and off-grid.


From a dying man’s wife

I’ve told you before that a longtime friend of this blog is dying. Cancer. And the disease is taking its own long, harrowing time. When I’ve etalked with him, he’s seemed in good spirits, though tired. It’s much harder on his wife, he says. And in my few contacts with her, I see. Yesterday she sent me the following and gave permission to post it. The following words are hers: —– I have been introspective for the past few days. I am rambling here so please forgive me. F. and I have spent a good part of our youth preparing…